Sunday, October 28, 2018

#8Sunday: Smoke Hunt Halloween Giveaway really like the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. There are a lot of great authors contributing every week. So make sure you hop on over to their blogs and check out their snippets this weekend too!

To celebrate Halloween and the release of Fire Hunt to print, I'm offering Smoke Hunt for free. This short story is the first in a trilogy that takes a look at the after math of the Saving Grace Saga.

In this snippet, the leading lady, Lizzy, has been struggling to find her place in life and pack. As a omega she was never the strongest, but now that she's found her mate she's found a new outlook.

In front of her a man in combat gear stared at her. Looking passed his gas mask, she swallowed her fear. Reaching out she took hold of his rifle and sent a swift kick to his midsection. The movement forced him backwards, away from the doorway.
Following with him, Lizzy wrenched the weapon from his hands and rushed back. Kicking the door shut again, she quickly pulled the bench in place and lifted the rifle. Taking aim at any threat that may try to burst through, she said, “Get on the floor and stay low.” She could feel their fear and shock at the scene before them and the sounds coming from beyond the safety of the walls.
Determination set it and Lizzy knew if the hunters did win and came for the children, she’d give them a fight. She might not be able to do much out in the smoke filled battle, but this she could do and Lizzy wasn’t going to let the children standalone against an enemy.

That's the snippet for this weekend. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to stop by all the other blog!

Happy Halloween!
Lizzy is on the hunt for her mate and it has led her to a hidden tribe of skinwalkers in the middle of the desert. Walking among the native people and finally starting to feel like she might have found a place for herself, Lizzy has no idea of the trouble that waiting just beyond the rocks.

Rodney, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Paranormal Affairs, is on the trail of the skinwalkers. He has a message and an offer of help, but he didn't expect to find his mate mingling with the tribe. Now with a group of rouge hunters heading their way, Rodney will do whatever he can to keep the tribe and Lizzy safe.

What happens when an alpha takes an omega for a mate?

Get your free copy on Amazon (between Oct 28th and Nov 1st) 

Peace and Love!

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  1. Whew- intense scene! Can't wait to find out what comes next!