Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pinterest Discovered

So while I've been raking my brain to power through the first draft of Fox Hunt, I've found myself thankfully avoiding Facebook and my other weaknesses of online surfing, but this morning something found me. I have discovered Pinterest! Boy, now I've done it.

I've looked at Pinterest before. In fact I had an account that I never really used a lot, but early this morning I found myself scrolling through a paranormal romance search. This is almost as a good as walking through a book store reading summaries and that middle of the book chapter. I found reviews and excerpts, and much like in a library or book store the first thing that attracted me was the cover. This just adds to my idea that a great cover is one of the best things an author can have. Along with a well written story, of course.

You can search any key phrase you want on Pinterest. If you're interested in a particular author you can search their name and find out if any of their book reviews or new releases have made it to the board. If you don't find your favorite on there then create an account and share them with everyone.

I have a few boards on there now. One I find of the most use to me is my "Wanna Read List." I have a hard time remembering book titles and authors that I find at random, but this way I have a list all set up when I want to grab a new book to read.

Peace and love
Happy reading everyone!