Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review of Running With Wolves by Cynthia Cooke

Running With Wolves by Cynthia Cooke

18467934“She is the descendant of a powerful bloodline, destined to wed another.

He is a loyal pack member, fated to serve…

Shay Mallory knows nothing of her shifter heritage. The strange auras and voices were only scary stories whispered by her father before he disappeared. What she does know is that something has always been missing in her life.

So when Jason Stratton, a compelling stranger, comes to town, offering her protection and something more, Shay leaps at the chance to know him better. But despite their immediate bond, it is Jason's duty to deliver Shay untouched to The Colony—and into another man's bed. Now, with demonic forces circling, the very future of their kind depends on Jason and Shay resisting their growing passion. For Jason possesses something that no other Alpha can ever claim…Shay's heart.”

Shay spends a lot of time fixing up her home, which seems to be falling apart at the seams. She keeps to herself as best she can to avoid the constant buzz of other people’s thoughts. Then out of the blue a stranger comes to her rescue. Jason showed up just in time to safe Shay from some real evil, but she doesn’t understand that just yet. Along with himself, Jason brings a few secrets that Shay’s father kept to himself. And soon they’re off on an adventure into a world of werewolves, demons and her long lost family in The Colony.

The story started out very well. It caught my attention and held it. The confrontation between Shay and the things that are going on around her really made me connect with the character. I found the mythology the author created for this story to be very in depth and unique. The characters were very well thought out, and believable. I had a hard time holding the connection with Shay when she was informed she was the daughter of The Colony’s past leader, but the author brought me right back by throwing me right into Shay’s confusion over it all. 

Over all it’s a great read for anyone who enjoys a good werewolf romance and anyone looking to read a little different version of the werewolf creation myth.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Afternoon

www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.comSo I've found a new site, My Sexy Saturday. This site offers a blog hop every week featuring a different aspect of a novel. This week they'd like to hear about a "sexy afternoon" and I found just the right spot in my upcoming novel, Fox hunt, to feature. Our hero and leading lady are sharing an afternoon (more like an evening) with a video game.

Fox Hunt Snippet:

"At first, she had taken notice of every time they brushed against each other. Whether it was just their elbows bumping, or the feel of his thigh under her knee as she adjusted her sitting position, it slowed her down an instant whenever it happened. Dilly realized that Mike seemed unfazed by the slight touches and so she quickly forgot about them.

She got caught up in one particularly difficult level. They had spent nearly half an hour racing after the tiny gem scrolling across the screen. Dilly’s heart raced right along with the characters every time they got close to catching the red jewel, but they kept running out of time or getting smashed by a wall or other random obstacle before reaching the goal. Mike was just as determined to catch the gem, and she even heard him let out a good natured “Fuck!” when the thing got away yet again.

Nudging his shoulder with her own, Dilly confidently said, “We’re gonna get it this time.” The level started over, and both Dilly and Mike were completely lost in it. Waving her hands about as she raced the game, Dilly didn’t even realize her shoulder was still pressed to Mike’s. When Dilly’s game character blew up into a large bubble after smacking a wall of thorns, Dilly let out an aggravated growl, dropped her controller into her lap, and turned to encourage the man sitting next to her. “Come on, Mike. You can get it.”

Cheering him on as he raced through the last part of the level, Dilly tensed up in anticipation. A rush of triumph filled her as the little character jumped at the crystal and smashed it. Throwing her hands up, Dilly screamed, “You did it!”

“Heck, yeah,” Mike said, dropping his controller. Before he could say anything else, Dilly found herself wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. It was rushed, and Dilly quickly pulled back with a big smile on her face, which disappeared when she realized what she’d done. She’d been so happy about beating that stupid level, she’d made a move on Mike.

Mike, the strange male wolf who had wondered into town looking for his mate. Mike, the guy Dilly had tried to convince to leave her alone. Mike, the man who sat beside her with a big Cheshire cat grin on his face.

Embarrassed by her actions, Dilly started to pull back from him, but Mike wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Instantly, his lips were back on hers, claiming his own victory kiss. His tongue traced across her lips and Dilly opened them to let him in. The velvet softness of his tongue slipped into her mouth, and Dilly felt herself sigh as she returned the kiss. The taste of warm honey coated her senses."

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Interrupting Dilly for Some One on One

Last week I interrupted Witch Hunt to pull Mike aside and ask him a few questions about his thoughts on true mates and the relationship between his friends, Rei and Aidan. After doing that fun post for Romance & Beyond I started wondering what Dilly might think of true mates and the danger that werewolves face as they live their lives.

Ive pulled Dilly aside just before the start of Fox Hunt. She has just arrived at her seasonal job where she is the winter time caretaker for a summer camp. So how about we get this ball rolling.

     Dilly, are you concerned about finding your mate?

Ive got plenty of time before I need to start thinking about that and Im sure when I do start to think about it my mate will find me with no problems. After all, at least one male shows up a year trying to court Lizzy or me. 

     Does that mean youre not ready for your mate to find you?

Of course not. Itll be years before I need to worry about that. Besides, Lizzy is the oldest. Im sure shell be moving off with a mate long before I do.

     If you were to find your mate soon, what do you think he would be like?

Well, if he was my mate hed have to be willing to stay near my family. I dont want to leave them unless I have to. He would also need to be willing to let me do what I do. Im not just going to sit at home and be a little housewife. I want to work and support myself.

     So you want to stay close to your family? Wouldnt that make it easier for the burners to find you?

I dont think those idiots could find much of anything. You hardly hear about them capturing anyone these days. I dont think my family is in any real danger as long as we keep moving. Its when you stop moving that youre in trouble. 

     Does that mean your mate will have to move with you? What if he has a pack somewhere else he wants to stay with?

Typically males leave their pack when they find their mates, unless theyre the alpha, but I dont think an unmated male is going to be in charge of his family. I dont want a man who has too much control anyway. Alphas like to control everything.

     Is there any one way you think a mate shouldnt act?

He shouldnt think he has to protect me all the time. Im a big girl. I can take care of myself. If thats everything Ive got a lot of work to get started.

Well, I think that concludes our interview with Dilly. Shes in for a bit of a surprise when Mike shows up just in time to help save the day. Lots of luck, Dilly and well be seeing you before too long.