Tuesday, October 30, 2018

NaNo Prep Work

NaNoWriMo is just a few days away and I'm feeling under prepared. In years before, I've gone into November with a sound plan in hand and other years I've gone in shooting from the hip. Personally, it doesn't seem to matter how I start this epic writing challenge. What matters is what I'm starting with.

This year I'll be working on the last two novellas in the Star Crossed Series. The first three stories are finished and the characters are ready to see the end. Last year I tried something like this too. The dream realm stories didn't get completed and instead are now on the back burner. That doesn't leave much hope for trying the method again, but I'm going to try.

Meredith and Malcolm, the main characters in the Star Crossed stories, are running characters. They are the focus of each novella. In last year's stories the characters changed in each story. That alone means this year could go completely differently. The second story in the series, Caught by Nightfall, was finished in a camp session. So, I know it can be done to finish at least one novella in a month. "Let's tackle two!" seems like the logical next step.

After taking October to finish up some work, I've come down to the wire. With a few rough outlines and a general idea of direction, I'm a little shaky, but hay, what's a challenge if not.. well challenging?

For all the other writers out there: Y'all got this. We got this. Let's get it done!

Peace and Love

Sunday, October 28, 2018

#8Sunday: Smoke Hunt Halloween Giveaway

http://www.wewriwa.com/I really like the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. There are a lot of great authors contributing every week. So make sure you hop on over to their blogs and check out their snippets this weekend too!

To celebrate Halloween and the release of Fire Hunt to print, I'm offering Smoke Hunt for free. This short story is the first in a trilogy that takes a look at the after math of the Saving Grace Saga.

In this snippet, the leading lady, Lizzy, has been struggling to find her place in life and pack. As a omega she was never the strongest, but now that she's found her mate she's found a new outlook.

In front of her a man in combat gear stared at her. Looking passed his gas mask, she swallowed her fear. Reaching out she took hold of his rifle and sent a swift kick to his midsection. The movement forced him backwards, away from the doorway.
Following with him, Lizzy wrenched the weapon from his hands and rushed back. Kicking the door shut again, she quickly pulled the bench in place and lifted the rifle. Taking aim at any threat that may try to burst through, she said, “Get on the floor and stay low.” She could feel their fear and shock at the scene before them and the sounds coming from beyond the safety of the walls.
Determination set it and Lizzy knew if the hunters did win and came for the children, she’d give them a fight. She might not be able to do much out in the smoke filled battle, but this she could do and Lizzy wasn’t going to let the children standalone against an enemy.

That's the snippet for this weekend. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to stop by all the other blog!

Happy Halloween!

Lizzy is on the hunt for her mate and it has led her to a hidden tribe of skinwalkers in the middle of the desert. Walking among the native people and finally starting to feel like she might have found a place for herself, Lizzy has no idea of the trouble that waiting just beyond the rocks.

Rodney, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Paranormal Affairs, is on the trail of the skinwalkers. He has a message and an offer of help, but he didn't expect to find his mate mingling with the tribe. Now with a group of rouge hunters heading their way, Rodney will do whatever he can to keep the tribe and Lizzy safe.

What happens when an alpha takes an omega for a mate?

Get your free copy on Amazon (between Oct 28th and Nov 1st) 

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Q's Cover Creations

This barefoot hike through creative madness has led down many paths. One path I've found is graphic design. While I've always been interested in this I never pursued it as more than an interest. However living through tight budgets I started creating my own covers. Lost Relic was my first cover and I've been playing with it ever since.

Now, knowing that lots of indie authors face tight budgets and can't always afford the awesome custom covers. (There are a lot of great cover designers out there and they are worth every penny of their price.)

Those tight budgets led authors to premade covers and there are some great ones out there. I'm expanding my horizons and have started Q's Cover Creations. These are premade covers that I've been making to practice and considering the same issues I went through I'm sure other authors are out there looking for a premade cover they love, or at least love for now.


My design skills are growing and I love this new creative outlet. If you're in the market for a premade cover check out Q's Cover Creations. At the moment all cover are just $10. That is really cheap for a cover and there is a reason. I want to offer something that indie authors can afford.

I hope you find a cover you love and if you don't, may your writing adventure take you to your wildest dreams!

Peace and Love

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fire Hunt Available in Print

Fire Hunt, final book in the Saving Grace Saga, is finally available in print and just in time for Halloween! 

You can find a copy at Amazon

Julia was dedicated to the cause, even though she was marked a traitor by her own kind for becoming a Federal Witch Hunter. When her partner captures a man from her past, Julia must make a choice: Let the witch be tortured, or blow her cover and go with plan B.

All Edmund wanted was to help the magical community and escape his extremist lifestyle. Instead he was setup and captured by Witch Hunters. Cut off from his magic and held prisoner, Edmund didn’t think things could get worse. Then Julia struts into his holding cell with an escape plan.

Haven't read the first two books? No problem. They're also available in print! 

Book 1 

After the bloody murder of her brother, Rei finds herself on the run from the coven that killed him. A powerful Earth witch, Rei searches for a natural well of magic to avenge her brother’s death, even if it costs her life. However, standing between her and her goal is an alluring wolf. 

Aidan never took the time or interest to look for his mate, but when the young witch shows up on pack hunting grounds his solitary life is turned upside down. Now, he must find a way to protect his pack and the woman that fate has handed him.

Book 2
Living a nomadic lifestyle, Dilly is accustomed to being on the move, but the Federal Witch Hunters are after more than broken wands. Now they’re hunting for wolf pelts, and Dilly and her family are in their sights. Dilly must choose to charge to her family’s rescue or rely on a man she just met. 

Leader of his werewolf bloodline, Mike travels across the country in search of a family traveling through the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Finding his mate in the headstrong Dilly, Mike is faced with the possibility of war with not only the burners but his own mate.

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#MidWeekTease : Julia and Edmund Meet Again

It's time for a MidWeek Tease! This week I'm pulling a snippet from Fire Hunt, the final book in the Saving Grace Saga. This is to celebrate it's release in print the 15th of this month! I'm so excited to see them all in print, but Julia isn't nearly as exciting to see her old flame, Edmund.

Enjoy this snippet and be sure to hop on over to the other great author blogs!

The door whispered closed behind her, and she could almost feel Edmund’s eyes lock onto her. “Hello, Mr. Strigoi,” she said, stepping further into the room. “Do you remember me?”
Slowly Edmund lifted his head, shaking the black hair from his face, exposing vibrant dark green eyes. “You look vaguely familiar,” he said. He kept his face trained in a disinterested look for a second then smirked at her. “But you’re kind of cute.”
Leaning her back against the two-way mirror, she crossed her arms over her chest. She wasn’t surprised by his comment. Throughout the interview with Burrows, he had been a smart ass. Changing tactics with a woman to appear more charming was an expected move. “I’m Detective Julia Flagg and you might remember me from seven years ago.”
“Sorry, babe. My memory isn’t so good.”
He ignored her title and used a term that had always set her teeth on edge. She wasn’t sure if he was using it as part of his act or if he really was trying to irritate her. Probably both.
“It’s ‘Detective Flagg’, and you set half a squad on fire at a nightclub outside of Richmond,” she said. It had been early in her career and the last time she had seen the man. A flailing teammate who had caught fire had rushed into her. The accident had caused a flash of flame to crawl up her side. It had hurt like hell and Julia had been ready to shoot Edmund that night, connections and family aside.
For a second she saw a shadow cross over his eyes, but it was soon covered as an easy mask of humor settle over his face. Grinning wider, he said, “I plead the fifth, but it looks like you’ve moved up in the ranks. I love a woman with power and authority.”
Julia flinched inwardly at the comment. With only passive magic, she had been the weakest link in their coven. A weakness that needing protecting and, as the coven leader’s daughter, she’d gotten it. It was an old wound that Edmund apparently didn’t mind ripping open. Shifting around to feel her gun press more closely against her, she told herself she had other strengths now. “Detective Burrows doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere with you. Care to talk with me instead?” she asked, pushing aside the old hurt.
“I might be willing to negotiate.”
Narrowing her eyes at him, she wondered what angle he was trying to play. “You’ve killed nearly a dozen agents, burned down two holding facilities, and have been named as the leader in at least one of the major covens rooted out in New York. What exactly is it you want to negotiate?”
“I want out of this room but, the real question is, what do you want, babe?”
“That’s Detective Flagg,” she corrected again. “What have you got to offer that will convince me to let a criminal like you out of here?”
She thought it was impossible for the smirking man to look any cockier, but somehow Edmund pulled it off as he leaned back and slid his hips toward the front edge of the chair. “I’ve been told I provide a hell of a great ride, and you, babe, look like you are in desperate need of a wild round or two,” he teased, bouncing his hips a couple times.
In two quick steps Julia was in front of him. The back of her hand made contact with the side of his face causing his head to jerk and sending an echo through the small room. Ignoring the stinging pain shooting down her fingers, she leaned in close. “This isn’t a singles party, Strigoi. You’re in some serous shit here.”
Edmund shook the hair from his face again and glared up at her with seething blue eyes. The change in eye color was a telltale sign that he was finally really angry, and Julia had to fight back a victorious grin. His tongue swiped out to catch a swell of blood at the corner of his mouth. “Have I upset you, Detective?”
Leaning in further, Julia almost brushed her cheek against his and whispered, “I’ll see you tonight.”
As she pulled away, he pressed his lips to her cheek, no doubt leaving behind a bloody kiss mark. Just before she slapped him again she saw his grin.
She abruptly turned and headed for the door without looking back. Her hand was reaching for the knob when she heard Edmund say, “I’ll be looking forward to it, babe.”
Letting out an aggravated growl, she marched out and slammed the door behind her.

After ten years Julia and Edmund have one hell of a reunion. Want to find out how the escape plan works out? You can find Fire Hunt on Amazon in digital or wait until the 15th and order a print copy!

Fire Hunt 
(Book 3 in the Saving Grace Saga)

Julia was dedicated to the cause, even though she was marked a traitor by her own kind for becoming a Federal Witch Hunter. When her partner captures a man from her past, Julia must make a choice: Let the witch be tortured, or blow her cover and go with plan B.

All Edmund wanted was to help the magical community and escape his extremist lifestyle. Instead he was setup and captured by Witch Hunters. Cut off from his magic and held prisoner, Edmund didn’t think things could get worse. Then Julia struts into his holding cell with an escape plan.


Peace and Love!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

NaNoWriMo (2018)

NaNoWriMo 2018 Participant FlairI'm going ahead and committing to the NaNoWriMo writing challenge this year. Every year in November writers all over the world take on the task of writing 50k words over the course of 30 days. I've completed that challenge a few times during Camps, but I've never met my goal in the official month. This is the year I beat it!

I won't be doing it the traditional way. Instead of working on one story I'm going to work on two. This makes me a rebel and I'll embrace that title. The stories are going to be the last two in the Star Crossed Series. Meredith and Malcolm are ready for their stories to be told and finished and I'm willing to roll with them.

Chasing High Noon, the third story in the series is complete now and going through revisions. It will be released this coming Winter. The two stories that follow are the ones I'll be working on this November. The titles for now are Witching Hour Madness and Knot in Destiny.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DCGSWL2Meredith and Malcolm have been driving characters and while they can make me run in circles trying to keep up I really love working with them. That's why this November is THE month I'm going to reach 50k. Caught by Nightfall (25k words) was completed last April with lots of time left over. This gives me hope and determination.

Fellow writers, are you going to take the challenge this November? Are you a preper or a pantser?

Readers, what would you like to see happen between Malcolm and Meredith?