Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Q's Cover Creations

This barefoot hike through creative madness has led down many paths. One path I've found is graphic design. While I've always been interested in this I never pursued it as more than an interest. However living through tight budgets I started creating my own covers. Lost Relic was my first cover and I've been playing with it ever since.

Now, knowing that lots of indie authors face tight budgets and can't always afford the awesome custom covers. (There are a lot of great cover designers out there and they are worth every penny of their price.)

Those tight budgets led authors to premade covers and there are some great ones out there. I'm expanding my horizons and have started Q's Cover Creations. These are premade covers that I've been making to practice and considering the same issues I went through I'm sure other authors are out there looking for a premade cover they love, or at least love for now.

My design skills are growing and I love this new creative outlet. If you're in the market for a premade cover check out Q's Cover Creations. At the moment all cover are just $10. That is really cheap for a cover and there is a reason. I want to offer something that indie authors can afford.

I hope you find a cover you love and if you don't, may your writing adventure take you to your wildest dreams!

Peace and Love

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