Thursday, March 28, 2019

Round and Round We Go

So I'm in between projects and that's always a rough spot to be. Next month is CampNaNoWriMo and I've set aside the story to be finished. Yes, this is the year to finish it! Still, that doesn't mean everything leading up to next week is going smoothly. I've found myself diving back into Lost Relic and working out an interesting concept.

Earlier this month there was a writing workshop/challenge through Write Boldly. One of the days challenged the authors to think about marketing and future attempts to get our work out there. That's where the idea sparked.

(Hold for dramatic affect...)

A mystery dinner party game based on one of my books. Normally they're murder mystery games, but this one isn't going to have murder, just the theft of a priceless object. If you've never played or heard of these games they're really fun. Guests are given a character role for the evening that they play. Then the big murder (or theft in this case) happens and everyone gets to put together clues to figure out who did it. Think of the old Clue movie with Tim Curry. Awesome fun all the way around.

So I've been teaching myself how to write/put together these games and the book I've chosen to work with is Lost Relic. The game takes place after the events in the book, but has all three of the main characters and one or two side characters.

There is a lot that goes into making these games and it's been a fun challenge to my organization skills. It'll be available as a PDF download once I finish it and I haven't settled on how to put it out there yet. That can get worked out once it's complete.

In the PDF file will be invitations, character sheets, a guide for hosting the game and an image of the stolen object. About half the character sheets and the invitations are created, and the rest are coming together pretty well. So far it's been really fun working with these characters again and I think I'm going to miss them when I put this project on hold to get back to writing.

That's all for now

Peace and Love

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

MidWeek Tease: Chasing High Noon: Let's Meet Mom!

I'm back and I've got a MidWeekTease for everyone. A little late (had internet connections issues) but it's here!

For your pleasure, a snippet from the latest story in the Star Crossed Series, Chasing High Noon. Let's see how Malcolm meets Meredith's mom! Enjoy and make sure to hop over to the other great blogs.


The first one Malcolm recognized was Meredith’s mom, Beverly Blackburn. The woman was dressed in a flowy, navy blue pant suit and giving him a murderous look. Behind her stood two others, an older woman and a rather bored-looking man. 
“Ms. Blackburn, it’s good to see you again,” Malcolm said before opening the door a little wider. He wished he could give Meredith more warning about her mother being there, but standing there in nothing but a pair of sleep pants he knew that was the best she was going to get.
Shock struck Meredith like a ton of bricks when she heard Malcolm greet the person at the door. To her credit, she managed not to spew her mouthful of coffee, but her mind quickly started ticking off all the reasons she didn't need her mother barging in. One, it was still pretty early, and two, she had been told everyone was too busy to help with the Lunar Shadow ritual prep work. 
If they were too busy to help, they should be too busy to check up on her. There was already a meeting set up that afternoon. Her mother could have and would normally have waited until then to see her. 
Collecting herself, Meredith sat her coffee down and walked over to the door. She watched Malcolm give her a thoughtful glance and pull the door open to let her mom enter. He was reason number three. Standing shirtless in her living room, he was more than welcome. In fact, she loved having him there, particularly half-naked. Her mother, on the other hand, would have a different opinion.

That's your tease for this week! You can find out more about Chasing High Noon or buy a copy on Amazon. It and the other Star Crossed books are available in both print and digital.

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