Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

It's the season for hunting down deals!

Everyone is looking for a good sale after Thanksgiving and why not add a few books to your list?

Black Friday through Cyber Monday the entire Star Crossed Series will be on sale for just .99 cents each!

That's five paranormal romances for just $5!

Start with the first book, Just Beyond Daybreak, or pick up where you left off and enjoy some reading after all the cooking and shopping madness!


Here's the Amazon links:

Just Beyond Daybreak: Click Here

 Caught by Nightfall: Click Here

Chasing High Noon: Click Here

Witching Hour Madness: Click Here

Knot in Destiny: Click Here



Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Story Time: Dyslexia Fonts

 Hi all you lovely readers. It's been a long time since I made a post, but today I really felt the need. So, this is story time and I'm going to share a few things with everyone.

I am dyslexic. That means words and letters get mixed up in my brain when I'm reading or writing. This is a pretty common condition. Some research has stated that upwards of 20% of the US population show symptoms of dyslexia. In fact over half the children in our school systems labeled with a learning disability have dyslexia. 

That's not a fun word. Disability. I hate that word and the reason is pretty simple. Dyslexia doesn't seem like a disability to me and it's the word that triggered this post today.

My daughter brings up the topic of dyslexia every couple of years because the schools around here are finally talking about it and testing for it like they should. Little Lou knows what this is and she knows I have it. Thankfully she does not. Watching through those early years when she was learning to read and write was so hard, because not everyone understands how hard it is to be that little kid that's just not getting it. They try and try, but the letters and words just don't look like what everyone else sees.

I went diagnosed until the mid 90's. That was in sixth grade and even then some of my teachers didn't believe it, even though the school administered the tests. It was all good though. By that point I had learned on my own. I didn't independently read my first chapter book until fifth grade and it was an Anne Rice book.  It was still hard. I didn't read as fast as the other kids. I couldn't read out loud. 

Onward in the story. Little Lou brought dyslexia up again last week. She said that she learned some fonts were easier to read for people who were dyslexic. That was BIG news to me. I had never thought about it. I knew somethings were easier to read than others but I just thought I was tired or just couldn't concentrate. 

So WOW. I looked into this. There are fonts that make reading easier. There have been studies done on this. A little bit of reading led me to a paper that states sans-serif fonts and other fonts are a really good font to use for people with dyslexia. I'm gonna switch over to something like that... 

Now. This is Courier font. It spaces out letters a little more and most of the letters look different enough to stop mirror imaging. There are two spaces between each sentences that helps break it up. There are also fonts designed with dyslexia in mind like OpenDyslexic. 

Those fonts have heavier bottoms so that there is a defined bottom of the image. This keeps letters and words from flipping upside down. Some of these special fonts also have bold capital letters. This makes an easy starting point. 

I don't have any of these special fonts on blogger, but I'm looking into it. I can however say I'm interested in changing the font of my books. We are so used to Times New Roman and Arial being our go to choices and I want to shake that up. 

Personally I can't take the look of Courier. It makes me feel like I'm in an old school detective novel and typing at the daily news paper. Fun to imagine but it can get old. I do admit now that I know what's going on, this is a lot easier to read. 

Well, that's it for story time. I hope this has led to some of you lovely readers learning something new and maybe something helpful.

Peace and Love



Monday, July 6, 2020

Full Moon Releases (July 2020)

It's that time again!
The heat is turned up high and it seems safer to stay inside or at least tucked under a shade tree with a brand new book.

Just a note. I'm not liking the new Blogger format.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Pampering the Ladies of Star Crossed

Recently I started a collaboration with a very gifted nail artist and decided my leading ladies needed a little bit of pampering. If you love these nails you should visit Lush Pursuits on Facebook. She has some amazing nails up for sale.

I started with Meredith and Sydny from the Star Crossed Series. Enjoy!

Meredith Blackburn - Leading Lady of the Star Crossed Series

She fell in love with the dragon inspired nails. They spoke to her of power and strength. The calming waves of color whispered of her courage. Leading a magical family is a tall order, but with a swish of her hand the blue swirls can make magic happen. 

Nail Art brought to you by : Lush Pursuits
Visit their Facebook page @

Sydny – Leading Lady in The Silver Moon, a Star Crossed Short Story

Sydny fell in love with the soft pinks and reds of these nails, but she’ll never admit it. The rose and heart shapes and colors let her indulge in her girly side, even if she’s just in PJs and clicking through the channels. Normally a tough as nails, get it done kind of girl, Sydny has caught herself admiring the delicate curves with a smile. 

Nail Art brought to you by : Lush Pursuits
Visit their Facebook page @

This Sunday I'll be pampering Lillian from Lost Relic! 

If these inspired you to find out more about Meredith and Sydny follow the links below to read more.

Just Beyond Daybreak (Star Crossed Book 1) :  

When the source of her family’s magical energy and life force is stolen, Meredith Blackburn is left with little choice, but to search out the best magical tracker she knows. Unfortunately Malcolm Blackwood is more than just a tracker, he is also a man who captivates Meredith’s thoughts. 

She strolled into Malcolm’s life with a job that he didn’t want, but instantly he regretted turning her away. Now, with his own family relics in danger, Malcolm finds himself unable to leave Meredith behind.

Can they save the Blackburn bloodline? Or will family ties tear them apart?

Find it on Amazon HERE

The Silver Moon (A Star Crossed Short Story):

The veil is thinning, but ghosts aren't the only things running through the city.

Follow Sydny and Liam as they chase down their charges who raced off to play with fairies under the full moon.

Love, magic and a little bit of panic are the best treats on Halloween!

Find it on Smashwords HERE

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tuesday Teaser: Reckless Dreams

It's been a while since I've dropped a Tuesday Tease. So here's something from what I'm hoping will be an upcoming release later this year. Reckless Dreams. Just a little back drop: There are three realms. The realm we live in, aka The Waking Realm. The realm of our dreams, aka The Dream Realm and the realm of nightmares, aka The Realm Beyond. This is the first book in a series and let's get to the tease!

When Karlee became aware of anything around her again it was the sensation of a warm body curled up beside her. Stretching and scooting over a little closer, she let out a content sigh. She reached out her hand to let her fingers trail over a solid chest. An arm slid over her side, curling around her back and she sank into the comfort, nuzzling up against the man’s shoulder. 

The salty male scent brought a small smile to Karlee’s lips. Then the fact that a man was in her bed struck her. Panic flooded in as she snapped opened her eyes and shoved away from the stranger.

Deep chestnut brown eyes were staring back at her and before she could scream Karlee took in the full view of the rest of him. A small smile graced his slightly pouty lips and his light brown hair was messed and draped over his shoulders, as if he had been sleeping beside her the entire time. Below the sexy look was an equally sexy chest. Across his bare and well-toned stomach a sprinkling of hair caught her attention and led her eyes lower to the edge of the blanket that rested across his hip. The happy trail continued under the floral pattern of the covers and made it clear that he was nude from top to bottom.

It was the crazy stranger and he was completely nude beside her. Karlee was just starting to freak out when the sound of waves registered. Looking away from the beautiful man, she looked for the water. Instead of her bedroom walls a sprawling beach cast in moonlight surrounded her. Ocean waves were crashing against the shore line and the only thing on the beach besides sand and tropical trees was her bed. “What’s going on?”

“You’re dreaming,” Court said, shifting beside her. When Karlee turned to look at him again he was sitting up against the headboard, the blanket draped a little higher to cover everything below his belly button. His small smile had turned into a smirk. “It’s all in your head.”

Chirping rang out from somewhere behind her and Karlee swept her eyes over the water. The moon was high over the horizon and the rippling waves reflected the light, lighting up the landscape. “A dream?” she mumbled with a smile. Fear and worry were quickly replaced by a feeling of giddiness. Throwing the blanket off, she jumped off the bed and wiggled her toes in the sand. The breeze caressed her body and a bit of her joy flickered as she realized she too was naked.

Covering her breasts, Karlee threw a look over her shoulder at Court. When he rolled his head against the headboard she swore she saw a twinkle in his eyes. “Your dream. Dream up clothing,” he suggested. 

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Karlee figured seeing herself in her favorite nightgown might make it appear. It was her dream after all. It didn’t take long for the silky softness of the gown to slip over her skin. A single glance proved that she had summoned the white billowy gown into place and she threw her hands out and twirled. The salty air curled around her like a welcoming hug and she felt all the stress from her long day melt away as the stars spun above her.

Karlee fell back on the bed with a happy sigh. Unaware that her head was pillowed on Court’s thigh, she let out a laugh and said, “Best dream ever.”

That's your tease for today. Hope you enjoyed. If you want me to get this book published quicker encourage me with a comment or two! 

Peace and Love

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Full Moon Releases (May 2020)

We've got a full moon tonight and that means NEW RELEASES! Shake off the evening chill with a new read.

Storm of Flames (The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 3) by Kira Nyte

Skylar Donovan was raised to trust no one but herself and her parents. Moreover, her father gave her all the tools she’d need to survive, both in practical terms and as a martial arts instructor in his respected studio. What he didn’t teach her was how to go on when his murder broke her mother’s mind, leaving Sky alone for the first time in her life.

Gabriel LaRouche, youngest of the Firestorm dragons, followed a tip to Alabama in hopes of finding refugees from his people’s hidden home living among the humans. Instead, he met his match in a pale-haired warrior woman with broken eyes and a stay-away stare he couldn’t resist. His lifemate had no idea who he was or that they were Fated to be together.

Despite her better judgment, Skylar is drawn to Gabe’s dark intensity and almost grating arrogance tempered with surprising sweetness. Something about him calls to her passionate nature, matching her flame for flame.

Gabe is bound to Skylar, body, soul and dragon. Now he needs to convince her to trust he’s strong enough to stand by her side as deadly enemies gather to tear them apart.

 Released May 5th by Dark Illusion Publishing

The Fiery Crown (Forgotten Empires) by Jeffe Kennedy

The Fiery Crown (Forgotten Empires, #2)WILL THEIR LOVE STAND THE TEST OF TIME

Queen Euthalia has reigned over her island kingdom of Calanthe with determination, grace, and her magical, undying orchid ring. After she defied an empire to wed ConrĂ­, the former Crown Prince of Oriel―a man of disgraced origins with vengeance in his heart―Lia expected the wizard’s prophecy to come true: Claim the hand that wears the ring and the empire falls. But Lia’s dangerous bid to save her realm doesn’t lead to immediate victory. Instead, destiny hurls her and ConrĂ­ towards a future neither could predict…


Con has never healed after the death of his family and destruction of his kingdom―he’s been carefully plotting his revenge against his greatest enemy, Emperor Anure, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. When Lia’s spies gather intelligence suggesting that Anure is planning an attack against Calanthe, Con faces an agonizing choice: Can he sacrifice Lia and all she holds dear to destroy the empire? Or does his true loyalty exist in the arms of his beguiling, passionate wife―’til death do they part?

 Coming May 26th from St. Martin's Paperbacks


To Tame A Fae: Fantasy Romance (Winter's Torn Book 2) by Mila Young

book cover of To Tame A FaeThree of the most dangerously stunning fae crashed into my life, and now things will never be the same again.

Intoxicating eyes.
Devilish lips.
Dangerous intentions.

They only show me a part of who they are, a portion of the secrets they hide. But am I ready to discover the truth of who I really am and what I am capable of?

Releasing May 30th.

The House on the Hill by Irina Shapiro

The House on the Hill: A ghost story
Still grieving the death of her husband, Lauren leaves the hubbub of Boston for the peaceful shores of Cape Cod, where she hopes to come to terms with her loss and devote herself to her writing. Historic Holland House, isolated on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, seems like the perfect refuge, until Lauren discovers that she’s not alone, and her ghostly roommate might be none other than Sophie Holland, the mysterious first mistress of the house.

With the help of a handsome doctor with an interest in local history, Lauren is soon drawn out of her self-imposed exile as she sets out to learn what happened to Sophie and stumbles onto a story worth writing about.

Released May 5th.

The Wind Mage (Part One) The Chosen Kings by Gina Manis

The Wind MageLiving in the mountains with just my Papa could be a lonely life, but it is not. I have my two wolves friends, Klaus and Bjorn, who keep things interesting. They followed me up this mountain when I was just a young woman and have been with me ever since.

It has been almost five years now, and things are starting to change. My name is Aria, and I'm a woman now, ready to find love and start a family. I want someone to hold me close and love me. I don't want to leave my home, but I know I can't live this life of solitude much longer.

Bjorn and Klaus are changing too. Klaus is my kind gentle wolf that has kept the loneliness at bay. Even though he's a wolf, we share a deep love. We are constant companions, and without his presence, I know I would be lost.

Bjorn has started to become more aggressive and has even bitten me. He pushes me in ways that are not acceptable, and I don't know what to do with him. I am trying to show him that I am the master, but he is determined to keep his alpha status.

When an old Mage appears to us one night, everything changes. I find that Bjorn and Klaus are both men bound by a spell to live as wolves. Somehow, I release Bjorn, and as a man, he is more dominating than ever. His human name is Collin, and he is hard to resist when he takes me into his arms and kisses me with such fire and need, it leaves me shaking.

But there is still Klaus, and no matter how my feelings may be changing for Collin, I know Klaus is my true soul mate. He is the one I yearn for to become a man and hold me close in his arms.

None of that really matters if I can't break the spell on both their heads. I have just twenty-eight days to do so until the next full moon. If I don't break it, they both will return to their wold state and remain that way forever. The pain of never seeing Klaus or him holding me is unbearable.

But to get to him, I must first grant Bjorn his one true heart's desire… Me.

Releasing May 19th.

That's it for this month. Hope you found a beastie to take home.

Peace and Love

.... and stay safe out there.