Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sexy Snippet: Chasing High Noon

Celebrating the release of Knot in Destiny, the final book in the Star Crossed Series, I'll be dropping a sexy snippet everyday leading up to the release.

Chasing High Noon:

Part of Malcolm had wanted to stay, like a fly on the wall, to see if Meredith kicked her family out or if they behaved themselves. He had been beyond uncomfortable opening the door to find her mother staring back at him, but then the idea that they’d shown up to actually help had eased his tension. Still, a hasty retreat had seemed best.

Now, marching up the stairs to their adjoining apartments, Malcolm couldn’t wait to see her. He wanted to make sure she’d stopped at least long enough to have a cup of coffee.

Maybe she’d even got some breakfast. 

As soon as Malcolm was inside, he dropped his satchel on the counter and headed straight for the door that led to Meredith. Unfortunately it wasn’t her beautiful brown eyes he saw when he stepped into the kitchen. 

Hand still on the door knob, Malcolm stopped short when he saw a slender man staring back at him from the front of the open refrigerator. “Can I help you?” the man asked, lifting an uppity eyebrow.

Glancing back over his shoulder, Malcolm made sure that he had come from his apartment. Seeing all his clutter, he nodded and turned back to the stranger. “I’m Malcolm Blackwood. Who are you?”

The man closed the fridge door carefully and turned to block Malcolm from the rest of the apartment. “You’re the person inhabiting the other apartment, I take it. I’m afraid Miss Blackburn is very busy and does not wish to be disturbed.”
          For a second Malcolm almost bowed out and left Meredith in the care the man, but it passed quickly enough. The gall of the man caused his back to straighten and his shoulders to square. Glaring at the stranger, he asked, “Doesn’t wish to be disturbed?”

 The third book in the series, Chasing High Noon, was a little overwhelming. Meredith and Malcolm's relationship had hit a point when so many people realize it's either going to work or it's not. Overworked, Meredith wasn't giving Malcolm the attention he had grown accustom to. Instead of holding this against her, he waited her out and gave her time to get things in order. If only more people understood. Sometimes it's not about demanding time. Sometimes it's about being supportive and that was a role Malcolm was willing to fill.

Chasing High Noon:

Overworked, Meredith Blackburn is on a deadline. Restoring the Dragon’s Eye, a family relic that connects them to their magical roots, has turned into a trial by fire. With her family breathing down her neck, the Lunar Shadow can’t come soon enough.

Malcolm Blackwood is sure Meredith is still there somewhere, but with a new attendant and family pressure, she’s just too wrapped up to notice that things are wrong. Warned about forbidden magic and desperate to support his lover, he’s tiptoeing through a mine field.

Will the Blackburns be satisfied? Or will Meredith be cast out?

On sale until Jan 15th on Amazon: CLICK HERE 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Knot in Destiny Pre-Order and Sale!

It's coming to an end!

On Jan. 15th Meredith and Malcolm will be walking down the aisle in the final chapter of the Star Crossed Series. Available now on Amazon for Pre-Order, Knot in Destiny is on it's way. 

If you need to play catch up, get ready for a deal! 

Leading up to the release of Knot in Destiny, the first four ebooks leading to this moment will be on sale for just .99 cents each.

Between Dec 15th until Jan 15th you can download Just Beyond Daybreak, Caught by Nightfall, Chasing High Noon and Witching Hour Madness for just .99 cents each.

What are you waiting for? Go catch up or start a great series today! 

Click the image to zip to Amazon and get your copy!

Peace and Love
Hope your holidays are filled with joy! 

Friday, December 13, 2019

Full Moon New Releases (Dec 2019)

It's time for the Full Moon releases! Okay, so the full moon was yesterday, but it's Friday the 13th! We're playing with fate. 

Her Vampire Prince by Ines Johnson

Image result for Her Vampire Prince by Ines JohnsonCari
How hard is it to die?
Don’t ask me. I’ve been failing at it for a year.
My father lost his life in a fatal car wreck while I walked away without a scratch.
Now I taunt that bastard Death on a daily basis.
Volcano hopping. Street racing. Skydiving.
But then Death comes for me.

For centuries, I’ve been a dead vampire walking.
No warmth, no feeling. No reason to live.
Then she bursts into my life.
A mortal daredevil with a carefree laugh.
She literally falls from the sky and into my arms.
She’s got a death wish and I’ve got a hunger only she can slake.

She’s my prey, but she wants to leave?
No way. She’s mine. And I’m never letting her go. 
Released Dec 7th on Amazon 
Prince of Never by Juno Heart

Image result for Prince of Never by Juno Heart

A fae prince with a poisoned heart. A mortal girl with a magical voice. Neither one believes in fairy tales.

City waitress Lara has the voice of an angel and no idea she's marked as the fated mate of a silver-eyed royal from another realm. When she falls into Faery and meets an obnoxious huntsman who mistakes her for a troll, she’s amazed to discover he’s the cursed Prince of Air in disguise. Ever's mother, the queen, is less than impressed. The opposing court of techno-loving Unseelie wants her as their very own pet. And an evil air mage wishes her dead.

Held captive by Elemental fae in the Land of Five, she’s certainly hit rock bottom.

But songs wield power, and Lara happens to be a true diva. Now if only she can use her newfound magical skill to make the Prince of Never a little less attractive. The first thing she wants is to find a way back home, and the last is to fall in love.

Ever and Lara think they know what they want, but destiny and an age-old curse have other ideas.

Book 1, a standalone with a HEA in the Y.A. interconnected series, each one starring a different cruel prince and his human fated mate.

For lovers of Faery. Above all else, romance rules
Released Dec 10th 

Sin & Spirit by K.F. Breene

Image result for Sin & Spirit by K.F. BreeneKieran has stepped up to take his place as the ruler of magical San Francisco. As his girlfriend I'm in the spotlight, and the Hades Demigods have taken notice. They want me on their team, and they don’t plan on asking nicely.

Kieran and I are both under fire. They will kill him to get to me, and they'll take me by force if necessary. It is essential I learn more of my magic.

With no other options, I do what scares me the most - I summon the last Spirit Walker to help train me. Except, he's a loose cannon with looser morals, and learning spirit is treacherous. I might evade the Demigods only to be lost in spirit forever. 

Coming Dec. 31st!

That's the new releases for this month. Hope you find something to keep you warm!

As always if you know of a book releasing let me know and I'll add it!

Peace and Love and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

That Odd Fantasy Story

That fantasy challenge from over the summer is still hanging around. It's moving slower, but it's still there and growing as time goes on. This story isn't an epic fantasy. No, it's focused very much on the leading lady and, if I may, said "To hell with the rest of the world!"

The Mistaken Saga currently has four parts and a well defined heroine. It's almost halfway through the story as I know it and I thought I'd throw out a little teaser to see how it's going. This is a dance scene in the second part of the story. Dalia is rescued by the rouge!


The knight wasn’t going to move.
Spinning and kicking her leg high, Dalia hid her distress behind the flourish of her skirts. She knew once her leg came down and she bent low her dance partner wouldn’t be there to pull her into the delicate tug of war. As she bent her hand went back and she tried to race through the options to alter the dance.
And then on the upswing Dalia was saved. A strong hand took hers firmly and pulled her up into the next flourish. At first she was blessing Jojo for finally snapping out of his stupor, but when she was pulled flush against the hard body of her dance partner she was suddenly eye to eye with Sanderwise.
“I got you,” Sands whispered, taking the led into the next set of spins and dips. He’d thrown off his dark star covered cap and had found a new mask to hide his face. If Dalia didn’t know better she wouldn’t recognize him as the magic performer. Now, as his hands slide over her waist and up her arm, he was her dance partner.
Dalia’s heart skipped a beat as Sands pulled her into another tight press. A twirl followed and then he dipped her low. Mischief sparkled in his blue eyes and a grin spread across his lips.
Suddenly another hand took hold of hers and Dalia was pulled away from Sands. She twirled under the knight’s arm and the original dance was back in step.

That's the Tuesday Teaser! Let me know what you think and we'll get this story rolling again!

Peace and Love