Tuesday, November 26, 2019

That Odd Fantasy Story

That fantasy challenge from over the summer is still hanging around. It's moving slower, but it's still there and growing as time goes on. This story isn't an epic fantasy. No, it's focused very much on the leading lady and, if I may, said "To hell with the rest of the world!"

The Mistaken Saga currently has four parts and a well defined heroine. It's almost halfway through the story as I know it and I thought I'd throw out a little teaser to see how it's going. This is a dance scene in the second part of the story. Dalia is rescued by the rouge!


The knight wasn’t going to move.
Spinning and kicking her leg high, Dalia hid her distress behind the flourish of her skirts. She knew once her leg came down and she bent low her dance partner wouldn’t be there to pull her into the delicate tug of war. As she bent her hand went back and she tried to race through the options to alter the dance.
And then on the upswing Dalia was saved. A strong hand took hers firmly and pulled her up into the next flourish. At first she was blessing Jojo for finally snapping out of his stupor, but when she was pulled flush against the hard body of her dance partner she was suddenly eye to eye with Sanderwise.
“I got you,” Sands whispered, taking the led into the next set of spins and dips. He’d thrown off his dark star covered cap and had found a new mask to hide his face. If Dalia didn’t know better she wouldn’t recognize him as the magic performer. Now, as his hands slide over her waist and up her arm, he was her dance partner.
Dalia’s heart skipped a beat as Sands pulled her into another tight press. A twirl followed and then he dipped her low. Mischief sparkled in his blue eyes and a grin spread across his lips.
Suddenly another hand took hold of hers and Dalia was pulled away from Sands. She twirled under the knight’s arm and the original dance was back in step.

That's the Tuesday Teaser! Let me know what you think and we'll get this story rolling again!

Peace and Love

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Writer's Rambling: 2019 Projects

Things are going and I'm running into walls. Scalable walls, but walls none the less.

As many of the lovely readers know, the Star Crossed Series is coming to an end in Jan 2020. Since NaNoWriMo was a bust for me this year I've moved on to finishing edits and formatting on Knot in Destiny. These characters are my children and letting them go is rough, but their story has come to an end for me.

Here's the cover and I'm in love with it! Unlike the other covers, there is only Meredith featured. Malcolm didn't get a headline because it's a wedding and he was doing his best to stay out of the planning. (Most men do!)

Knot in Destiny is set to release Jan 31, 2020 and I'm still working on all the marketing stuff to go along with that. Tricky stuff. There will be a few teasers coming out in the weeks leading up to the release and I'm thinking about running a sale or two to help promote.

Finishing up this series has brought another problem to the forefront of my concerns. What to work on next??

There are a few stories and characters fighting to be heard, but I haven't settled on any yet. My NaNoWriMo story is still there and if I can work through the glitch that made me stop last week, I may continue to work on it. It's an interactive paranormal romance and I'm hoping it runs a little smoother once things start calm down.

The dreamweaver stories are also hammering away at my mind and another series has created itself in the back of my mind. Fea, demons, witches and demon hunters. It's going to be a fun time.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Peace and Love