Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review: Blood of the Pride by Sheryl Nantus

I found another great book for the Shifter Reading Challenge. I tucked this book away in my bag when I went camping this past weekend and I was not disappointed.

17405720Blood of the Pride by Sheryl Nantus

"When a severed rabbit's paw is delivered to her office, outcast cat shifter Rebecca Desjardin recognizes the summons home. One of their own has been murdered--and a shocking photo published in a local tabloid--and her Pride needs Rebecca, now a private investigator, to track down the killer.

Investigative reporter Brandon Hanover wants to find out who slipped the photo of the half-shifted cat-woman under his door, marking him as a suspect in her death. Determined to stay one step ahead of the sexy journalist, Rebecca reluctantly agrees to partner with him to find the real murderer. But as their mutual attraction heats up, Rebecca finds it harder and harder to keep Brandon from discovering the existence of the shifter society--and her own true nature.

When the search leads them back to the Pride, Rebecca must attempt to Change for the first time in years to face the killer, and save the man she loves..."

I've always loved the idea of cat shifters. Normally I see them as panthers, but these cat shifters are unique unto themselves. Rebecca was kicked out of her pride because she is unable to shape-shift, which left both emotional and physical scars behind. This created a wonderfully in-depth character right from the get go, which had me hooked. The reporter, Brandon, pops into the story with a flurry of alpha maleness that few humans have in paranormal stories. 

Along with an interesting cat human hybrid the story also offers a great detective plot. The plot runs deep within the pride and before Rebecca knows it she's tossed to the wolves, or cats in this case. It was hard to put down the book without finding the next break through clue in the story line.

Over all a great story with a nice sprinkling of romance. 

To my readers I'll add that this story is more of a detective story than a romance and does have closed door love scenes.

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