Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just Three Wishes

A genie grants you three writing-related wishes: what are they and why?

Alchemic Vials 4

That's a tricky question. If a genie poofed up and could grant me three wishes related to writing I'd have to stop and think for a little while. What would I want? What would I not want? One thing is for sure, I don't think even the all powerfully magic of a genie could banish writers' block.

My first wish would end up being something really simple: A notebook that can hold all of my writing notes and never runs out of blank pages. All those stacks of papers and books that sit around the different rooms of my home tripping up my daughter and husband would be gone! I'd also never have to shuffle through all those stacks looking for that page where I jotted down my main character's name down two weeks ago.

The second wish relates to the first: A pen that never runs out of ink and is erasable. When I was young I would get ink all over my fingers because I would shake the pens so much trying to get to the very last drop. The old school glitter pens were the worst. While they weren't to my taste you take a pen when you can get a pen and those thing ran out of ink so fast.

For the final wish: An extra room added to my home where I can go and write. I guess I'd have to call it an office, but really it's a writing room where I'd be able to sit down, bounce a ball around and think without the distraction of dishes or laundry. Yeah, I know I've got to get to those at some point and I swear I will, but it'd be nice to have my own writing space.

Well those would be my wishes. Any other writers out there have a few wishes they'd like to share?

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