Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Howl's time for another My Sexy Saturday blog hop. This week writers were asked to supply something to the theme of My Sexy Howl. I thought this was perfect for displaying a short scene from my debut novel, Witch Hunt. In this scene Aidan, a werewolf, asks his lover, Rei, to show him her wolf form. While Rei herself isn't a werewolf she is a witch who can shape shift.

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Witch Hunt: Aidan saw sitting there before him was a very powerful, full-grown female timber wolf. She was smaller than his kind but was large for her kind, appearing well over a hundred pounds. Then there were her eyes. Those deep, engulfing black eyes stared at him confidently.

Aidan slipped his feet off the edge of the couch, sitting up. Remembering how his own kind reacted in their furry form, Aidan gently moved his hand, fingers outstretched, toward her. Rei leaned forward and bumped his palm with her muzzle. “You’re really coherent right now,” Aidan said in amazement. Rei let out a little whine. A smile drifted over Aidan’s lips, and he quickly amended what he had said. “It’s rare for a werewolf to be so coherent at such an early age. I assumed you’d be the same.”

Rei stood up and, showing just how coherent she was, began to spin in a slow circle. Aidan recognized the movement at once. Rei was showing off her appearance for him, asking if he liked what he saw. He was captivated by the sleek look her light-colored fur gave her. Her movements were so graceful and natural. Aidan felt his own wolf stirring and knew that his furrier half liked the image of Rei’s wolf form too.

“You are gorgeous,” he said finally. Rei stopped her spin and faced him again. Her head was held high with pride from his praise. “Let me hear you. I want to know what you sound like.”

She looked defiant for a second as she let out what sounded like a gruff harrumph, but in the next second, she lifted her head back and let out a low howl. Aidan was stunned. Rei sounded like a natural wolf. The deep tone engraved itself in Aidan’s mind. All wolves had a different tone to their voices, a different sound in their hearts, and Rei’s would be easily recognized from then on. When Rei ended her quiet howl, Aidan smiled at her.

In a shimmer of fur, Rei was once again a fully clothed woman, kneeling in front of him. She looked innocently inviting with her arms stretched out to the floor and the top of her milky breasts pressed tight against her pale blue shirt. Her breathing was uneven and restless. He slipped slowly off the futon to his knees in front of her and watched as her breathing began to even out. The way her eyes slowly changed back into their deep blue made Aidan remember the way she had felt when he was making love to her. She had been flooded with passion, and her natural power had responded. The thought brought a sharp need rushing through his groin.

He stroked her lower neck and collarbone. Her skin was so soft, and he swore he felt her already frantic heart skip a beat at his touch. Aidan leaned into her to brush his lips across hers. The gentle kiss was brief, and Aidan slowly let his lips trail along her check until he reached her ear. Just before nibbling on the tender lobe, he whispered, “It’s a shame. All your clothes came back too.”

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