Sunday, August 10, 2014

Full Moon New Releases (Aug 2014)



Five out-of-this-world authors
share their science fiction romance heroes—
hot as the sun, cool as depths of space,
and all boxed up for you in one
sexy, irresistible package!
Open the pages and fall into the
otherworldly arms of a sci-fi man
who will make you see stars!

Included in this anthology is the much anticipated

DARK RUNNER, Book 3.5 of The LodeStar Series by Cathryn Cade

Tal Darkrunner is more than a tattooed bad boy, he's the alpha leader of a dangerous gang. Serpentian outlaw Scala Raj knows this--so why can't she stay away from him? She's supposed to be spying on him to gain back her freedom, not falling for him.

Tal fought his way to the top in the vicious streets of New Seattle, Earth II. Now he rules his gritty kingdom, his skin marked with a piece of inked body art for every victory won through his courage, cunning and refusal to back down--ever.

Only one thing could send him hurtling into deep space--a mission to find and destroy the slavers who tried to take the one woman he wanted. He trusts no one, including Scala, the sloe-eyed beauty with a lethal body who offers to guide him.

Lack of trust won’t stop him from enjoying the pleasures of her body. But no matter how fiery the passion that arcs between them, he’ll never risk his heart.

Unless she slips under his guard and steals it ...

Coming August 12th.

Heaven's Sacrifice by Scarlet Hunter

When mankind's existence is taken for granted, the only hope at saving their soul from an afterlife on the fire-pits of Sheol, are angels of God.

Percival, an angel, is sent on a mission to help save a human soul. When he arrives, he is tested by not one, but two, sisters. Should he fail the mission, he will lose an angel’s most cherished possession—his wings.

Ava and Brianna are sisters. Struggling to continue their uncle's business, one sister is left running the place, while the other’s attention is on anything but. After placing an ad in the local paper for a handyman, their only source of help arrives. A man, who both sisters discover, is more than he appears.

Coming August 19th.

Hero of a Highland Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #14) by Terry Spear

18487186 She's ready for change...
Colleen Playfair has never been to Scotland, but when she discovers she must spend a year and a day overseas learning to manage her newly inherited estate, she's ready for the challenge. She even has some ideas for improvements-if she can get past the sexy werewolf who seems convinced he's the one in charge.
But he's digging in his claws...
Grant MacQuarrie and his clan have been managing Farraige Castle for three centuries. The last thing he wants is a meddling American heiress trying to change the way things have always been done. He's more than willing to fight the she-wolf every step of the way, using every tool at his disposal. And if that means taking the lass to bed, well...all the better.
Locked in a battle of wills, caught in an attraction they can't escape, Colleen and Grant must find a way to work together...or face losing it all.

Released August 5th by Sourcebooks Casablanca.

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