Friday, August 8, 2014

Inspiration and Short Stories

I've moved back to the writing desk, moving away from my sci-fi and returning to the world of the Saving Grace Saga. I've started an outline for the third, and maybe final, novel in the set and I've got to admit I'm wanting to write a short story to fill in a small part of the missing back story.

At the beginning of Witch Hunt readers followed along as Rei, the heroin of the story, watched her brother be murdered for his magic ability. His name was Richard and while he didn't play any big part other than memory in Witch Hunt he did have a lot of background that didn't get explored in the story.

Richard spent most of his life protecting his sister and never really got to live a normal life, if that's even possible for a witch in this world. He took on the responsibility of making connections with other roving covens and packs, allowing Rei to stay quietly behind in the shadows. Thus keeping her off the radar of the feared Witch Hunters. Richard gave up so much for his sister's safety.

Wouldn't it be nice to get a glimpse of what was there?

My muse thinks so and I'm finding that as I work out details for this third novel I'm making side notes for a short story revolving around Richard. Only time will tell if it moves past ideas and notes, but it's a thought to play with.

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