Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Dub Thee ... Saving Grace Saga

I've finally come to terms with the fact that I should have put a name to the stories that occur in the world in which Witch Hunt and Fox Hunt take place. I have a third story in the works and I suppose I should let the cat out of the bag on what I've been calling these stories. Therefor I dub thee the Saving Grace Saga.

The Saving Grace Saga is a set of three novels and what will mostly become unpublished short stories that hide away in my desk drawer. Witch Hunt and Fox Hunt are the first two novels in the set and a third is still being written.

I was reluctant to use this name for the stories because I wasn't sure if the second novel would be published. If Fox Hunt had gone no where I would have had Witch Hunt stand on its own, but Fox Hunt is scheduled to be released in June. So be on the look out over the next month or so for news able Fox Hunt and a giveaway or two to celebrate its upcoming release.

As always good dreams and happy reading.

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