Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Fated and Mated

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In romance, especially paranormal romance, you will often find the "fated couple". This couple is drawn together by the universe. It is a theme seen with vampires, werewolves, faeries and almost any paranormal creature that your imagination can think of.

When it comes to readers there tend to be two different schools of thought for the "fated couple" stories. It's a horrible concept or its a concept that can work. There aren't many readers who absolutely, without a doubt love every inch of the concept. I can understand why. I mean the couple aren't so much falling in love with each
other. They aren't choosing for themselves. Fate has made it so, and there isn't much either partner can do about it.

So, here's my take on the topic. It's all an escape from reality. In real life the perfect partner isn't going to fall out of the heavens. It'd be nice, but it just doesn't happen. We have to learn about our potential partners, and even after we've met them, know them and feel we can put our trust in them they could still be the wrong partner. It's not always a happily ever after.

But with the "fated couple" a certain amount of trust is granted to the universe. The "fated couple" was made for each other. This means the universe, God, the Fates, whoever knew that it was going to work out for both partners. To be honest this takes some of the stress off the relationship, while sometimes adding a brand new layer of "Damn the Gods" into the equation.

What really makes these types of couples work for me is the layer of learning the author adds to the story. The couple may be fated to be together, but they're often complete strangers, and some of the fear of showing a weakness goes away when a character feels a deep, universe approved connection with their partner. Knowing your partner is going to accept you no matter what is a feeling that can really enhance a love story.

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