Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Valentine's Day Chocolate Giveaway

Feb 1st-14th

Goodies Given Away Every Day Totalling $100

Cupid‘s brought you a magical box of chocolates. Every day, the heart-shaped box  
reveals a new treat. Take a bite to discover both what flavor is lurking inside the tempting 
chocolate shell and a new giveaway.

Each day, return to the site to click on the box of chocolates and discover another fantastic 
prize. Be swept away this holiday season by gripping romance, pampering treats, cozy gifts, 
and an amazing offer hidden inside the box of chocolates.

The giveaway is sponsored by these wonderful authors:

Ellen Mint • Maggie Blackbird • Jaqueline Snowe • Sara Ohlin • J.R. White • Tanith Davenport 
• C.J. Burright • J.P. Bowie • Tamara Whitlow • Megan Slayer • D.Anne Paris • Wendy Ely • 
Cassie O’Brien • Katherine E Hunt

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