Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sexy Snippet: Caught by Nightfall

Celebrating the release of Knot in Destiny, the final book in the Star Crossed Series, I'll be dropping a sexy snippet everyday leading up to the release.

Caught by Nightfall:
Warm fingers inched their way under the hem of her shirt and flattened over her lower back. You’re so much more than just the head of your family. You’re beautiful…” Here, Malcolm dropped a quick kiss on her left cheek. Sexy…” Another kiss, this time on her right cheek. Smart…” A peek on her nose. And perfect.” The last part was whispered against her lips.

Malcolm’s mouth caressed hers slowly, as if he was giving her the chance to push him away. Returning the kiss, Meredith kept it gentle. She wanted to prolong the feeling of apology. When at last their lips parted, she lowered her head and nuzzled her nose over the hollow of his throat. As she took in the honeyed earth rich scent that he always seemed to wear, he asked, So, are you still mad at me?”

Tickling the back of his neck, Meredith moved her mouth up and forced his chin to lift as she dotted his neck with small kisses. No.

Meredith felt his entire body relax at the simple word and grinned when he said, Good. It was killing me.”

Pulling back just enough to look up at him, Meredith lifted up on her toes to rub her nose playfully against his. The motion pressed her body more firmly against him, connecting them from thighs to chest. You going to do it again?” she asked as he started kissing a slow path across her jaw.

Malcolm paused, his lips just above her skin. Meredith held her breath, waiting for him to answer. After a second, he whispered, I promise I won’t drag you into trouble anymore.”

 The heat of their relationship was so strong. Even when one of them was mad it still burned. Moving beyond the flare of the first book, this one took me deeper into the path of relationship growth. It's true, Malcolm had a way of pulling Meredith into trouble, but somehow it always worked out in the end.

Caught by Nightfall

Meredith Blackburn finds herself between a rock and a hard place now that her relationship with Malcolm has led her to magical breaking and entering. Someone is playing around with the rivers of magic that flow over the planet and the oldest library around expects her to figure out who.

All Malcolm Blackwood wanted was a handful of new tracking spells. What he got was an angry lover, a conflicting revelation from his brother and some old kook trying to start a war. Now it’s up to him and Meredith to set things right.

Will they save the day? Or will family get in the way?

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