Monday, May 14, 2018

Silly Mondays

Mother's Day was yesterday and my lovely family made it a great day. A big shout out to my hubby and daughter. I needed a day for me and it was the best.

But now it's ... Monday.

For me, the first day of the week bleeds into all the other days. Most writers and work at home folk will understand. We work all kinds of hours and weekends don't necessarily mean a couple of days off. So we take the time we can get.

Today is no different. I've been having the time of my life laughing at a silly cat and my new robot sweeper, 1812. This little robot has been in the house for a few weeks now and almost everyone has gotten used to it. Everyone, except Sonic, my daughter's cat.

Sonic has been stalking 1812 all morning. He leans over the edge of the arm rest, eyeing the little vacuum. He prowls around corners, waiting for it to roll by. I just keep waiting on Sonic to pounce and an epic battle to begin.

In my head this is all playing out like a sci-fi worthy of the big screen. Robots have invaded a wild planet. Seemingly only collecting useless debris. All the other creatures on this untamed land ignore it, sure that these mechanics mean no harm and will be gone when they're done. Then enters Sonic, the youngest of his tribe and weary of the robots. Convinced they mean to steal away everything the planet has to offer, he waits and watches for the first real sign of danger.

Are the robots there to stripe the land and turn his home into a waste land? Is Sonic wrong? Will the robots leave in peace? Will 1812 transform into a war bot capable of over throwing the tribes?

I await future developments on the edge of my seat. Happy Monday, everyone!

Peace and Love

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