Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Character ChitChat: Malcolm Blackwood

It's me again and I've got a quest today. Malcolm stepped out of the Star Crossed Series for a few moments and sat down for a bit of a character chitchat. I grabbed him just before the start of Just Beyond Daybreak. Meredith has yet to came back into his life. So lets see what the youngest Blackwood was up to before the adventures began.

Hi, Malcolm, how you doing?

Malcolm Blackwood isn't a shy person and answers with a confidant grin. "I'm good. Just kicking back in Magic Town for now. What's this all about?"

Just a little interview for... a magical tutor job. (Yeah, we'll roll with that.)

He sits back in his chair, a little more comfortable. "Well, I've got a pretty full schedule already. You'll have to make a new teaching job worth my time."

I heard you only had one student at the moment. That must be really hard on you. You did grow up in a mansion with access to just about anything you could want. Nice schools and social events rubbing elbows with the high born. You are, after all, high born yourself.

Malcolm fixes me with a cold stare and his blue eyes go hard. "I don't think that has anything to do with this, but yes, I grew up well. It allowed me to learn all the magical skills the small families pay dearly for. So, if you're looking for a classically trained tutor, you've found the right person."

That's very true, but why would a Blackwood be slumming it in Magic Town? Your family is one of the wealthiest and respected families in the magical community.

Letting out a rough laugh, Malcolm shook his head. "We might be a well off family, but it's not worth it. So many rules and standards you have to hold yourself to. If I'd stayed even my marriage would have been arranged by the family. All the old families are the same."

Even the Blackburns, I hear. If I'm not mistaken you moved into Magic Town around the same time marriage arrangements were settled for the oldest Blackburn, Meredith.

He gave a clipped answer. "That family has nothing to do with this."

That's right. The Blackwoods and the Blackburns don't get along, do they? Even though you went to school with Meredith and are the same age, you two really don't like to mix. Why is that? What's with this family feud?

Malcolm shifted in his seat. "It's as old as dirt. That's all I really know about it, but none of us really get along. I suppose it's an issue for the heads of the families now. I'm out of it."

What if Meredith showed up with a peace offering? Or the Blackburn family was in trouble? Would that change anything for you?

Abruptly standing, Malcolm pulled a candle out. "You know. I don't need another student and you're asking way too many questions. Peace."

With a strike of a match he's gone and our chitchat is over. I guess at that point he was still uncomfortable with the topic.

Find out why in Just Beyond Daybreak and keep an eye out for the next story in the Star Crossed Series, Caught by Nightfall.

Just Beyond Daybreak

When the source of her family’s magical energy and life force is stolen, Meredith Blackburn is left with little choice, but to search out the best magical tracker she knows. Unfortunately Malcolm Blackwood is more than just a tracker, he is also a man who captivates Meredith’s thoughts.

She strolled into Malcolm’s life with a job that he didn’t want, but instantly he regretted turning her away. Now, with his own family relics in danger, Malcolm finds himself unable to leave Meredith behind.

Can they save the Blackburn bloodline? Or will family ties tear them apart?

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That's all for today.

Peace and Love.

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