Wednesday, May 16, 2018

MidWeekTease: The Hunts On

MidWeekTease2It's time for a MidWeek Tease! This week I've pulled a tease from my first novel, Witch Hunt. Rei and Aidan meet in one of the oddest ways. During a wild hunt through the forest, Rei doesn't realize she has intruded on pack land.

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Witch Hunt Tease

Splashing into the river, Rei felt the icy water close around her feet and legs, threatening to pull her downstream, and with each struggling step, she felt a new round of sharp, frozen needles. She felt the Hunt breathing down her neck as she launched herself up the slippery bank. The trek across the river had left Rei’s feet and legs half frozen, but she paid them little notice as she kept running onward. Oddly enough, Rei could have sworn she caught a glimpse of something running alongside her on the other side of the brush, but it was too physical to be the Wild Hunt. What is that? She quickly banished the question from her mind and focused her mind on the path she was being herded down.

Then suddenly a wolf jumped from the brush to stand in Rei’s path. Barely seeing the animal in time, Rei came to a stumbling halt. Her numb feet slid, and she ended up in a crouching pose only a few feet from the gray wolf. Fear flooded through her mind, and then, before her astonished eyes, the wolf stood and rippled. Standing over her was now a man bathed in moonlight. Rei’s eyes drifted up over the tanned flesh to look into his eyes, and then before any thoughts beyond shock could form, she was struck violently from behind.

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This tease was chosen because the publisher, CobbleStone Press will be sending the Saving Grace Saga to print starting this June. I'm super excited about it and just want to yell it from the rooftops. So, I'll be updating on that progress as it goes.

If you can't wait to read Witch Hunt or one of the other two stories in the series they're avilable as eBooks:

Witch Hunt

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