Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's Coming!

I've posted a few snippets from Lost Relic and I've shared the experience of writing this interactive romance. Now, finally we're about to release!

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Feel the Heat in Lost Relic, a romantic Amazon adventure, coming June 30th

From, J.R. White, author of the Saving Grace Saga, comes Lost Relic. A fast paced adventure set in the Amazon jungle, this summer gem allows the reader to ride along with the leading lady, Lillian, and choose the path that she walks. Will she find true love, a life time of adventure or only heart break? The choice is yours!

Lost Relic blurb
Years of working inside a museum have taken a toll on Lillian’s passion for history. Now two strangers, each a master of his field, have shown up offering her a chance to rekindle her love. The lost temple of the Golden King is hidden just beyond the horizon of the Amazon and now Lillian has the chance to be a part of its discovery. Will she follow the prestigious historian or the roguish treasure hunter? You decide.

Lost Relic will be available for Kindle on June 30th. Check in early to pre-order your copy of this interactive romance adventure!

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