Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Sexy Spaceship

It's time for another My Sexy Saturday post! This week's theme is My Sexy Spaceship and I've pulled a sexy tidbit from Rip Tide. Enjoy and make sure you hop on over to the other great blogs for more sexy space adventures!

Phinn flashed a knowing grin at her, and leaned in just a little closer as he said, “Really? Cause I’ll tell you what’s going through my head right now doesn’t have anything to do with the next system and has a lot to do with my cot.”

Her heart kicked up a beat as she felt his breath glide across her skin. “What?”

“You’re attracted to me, aren’t you, Kara?” he asked, his breath brushing against the shell of her ear.

“Getting a little full of yourself.” The gentle glide of his fingers across her cheek and down her neck, made Kara take in a sharp breath. “Even if I did want you, Phinn, now is not the time for it.”

The deep sound of him chuckling lightly filled her senses as he pulled slightly away. “Really, I think it’s the perfect time. Nancy and Aaron are off ship and we’ve got another forty-two hours before we reach the next system.”  She meet his eyes for a moment before he stepped fully away, and she had to suppress a groan at the loss of his heat. He spread his hands out innocently and said, “I’m just making the offer. If you really don’t want to we don’t have to.”

Cutting her eyes towards the steps that lead up to the cockpit and his sleeping quarters, Kara wondered if she should keep arguing. There was nothing wrong with casual encounters, as long as they stayed casual. “You know I’m getting off this ship. No matter what we do, I have my own ship to worry about,” she said, hoping Phinn was as smart as she thought he was.

A Cheshire cat grin spread across his face, and Phinn stepped back, leaving his hands anchored on the wall next to her. “And I’ve got a business to run. You’ll go your way and I’ll go mine.”

That's it for this week. Peace and Love

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