Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy In Time

It's time for another My Sexy Saturday post and this week's theme is Sexy in Time. While I love all the sexy Saturdays this one was perfect to show case a little bit from my upcoming release, Lost Relic.

To help set the scene, Lillian Wiskton is an assistant to the curator of the New York Historical Museum and the year is 1921. Being a woman with a career in the 1920's was rough, but Lillian broke into the history field only to find herself bored with Colonial history and dreaming about grand adventures. Then one day, two men walk in offering her dreams on a silver platter. Below is a snippet of Lillian's first encounter with Alex Martin, rouge treasure hunter.

Lost Relic snippet:

She stared at the spot, wondering just what it was she was supposed to do. An expedition into the middle of the Amazon Rainforest sounded a great deal more exciting than cataloging colonial log books and the notion of a golden tomb brought to mind stories of the lost city of gold, El Dorado. Of course, that was more fantasy that realism. Leaning back, Lillian gave him her best stare and asked, “What about the Indians? Are they going to just let you waltz in the way you’re talking?”

Alex waved his hand in the air and answered, “I’ve meet the tribes that live closest to this spot. They’re not violent and are for the moment very welcoming of foreigners.” The man seemed to have an answer to everything.

“I’ve heard nothing about a golden tomb. What is it?” she asked, feeling a grin of her own start to form.

She had thought his smile was brilliant before, but as a joyful mischief filled his eyes she realized she was wrong. “The Golden Tomb is the resting place of the Golden King. He was one of the kings that painted himself in gold and then washed it off in Lake Guatavita as a sacrifice to the gods. It is believed his resting place is filled with treasures that the Egyptian myths can only dream about.”

A tomb to rival the Egyptian stories? Lillian couldn’t stop the touch of excitement that raced through her, but the sudden memory that this wasn’t her place rang through her. “And you plan on following this path of yours to find it?” Lillian asked, waving her hand over the map. The man was a treasure hunter. There was no doubt about it. Shaking her head, she stood up. “This sounds like a wonderful adventure, but I’m sorry. I have no authority to approve or reject this kind of idea. The New-York Historical Society is more interested in the history of New York and the surrounding areas than in Mayan gold.”

Alex looked shocked, all traces of his smile and joy slipped away from his face as she marched around her desk and took hold of the door knob. “Please leave.”

The man turned, bracing his hand on his knee, and stared at her. “I was told you would be the one to make the final decision about who would get the grant to do this expedition,” he said, his voice dropping low.  

That's your sneak peak at Lost Relic. This interactive romance novel will be up for preorder on Amazon in just a few weeks. Visit my Facebook page, Hunter or Hunted for prerelease goodies and fun! 

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