Thursday, October 2, 2014

Writers' Block: Cure #33

We all deal with writers' block. I've already added a few of my favorite ways to deal with it and sadly I deal with it enough that I've got a few more cures sitting around in case of emergency. One trick I use is fighting off the block before it even starts. I set myself up for inspiration. It isn't as hard as it sounds, but it does take some focus. I inspire myself through my surroundings. The desktop background image, the arrangement of pictures around my desk area and even in the things I have out in the yard.

The big inspiration for me are the background images. I end up spending an evening here and there picking through different free wallpaper sites. I try to keep my story idea in mind while I'm doing this so I can narrow down the images I'm looking at. For the short story I just finished I searched for magic and standing stones. Lots of images came up and I was able to scroll through and grab a few that called to me. I then set them up on a rotation as background images. Now anytime I'm sitting at my computer I can at least see the edges of these images through the task bar and when I get stumped on a scene I minimize the window and watch the images flash through. That normally has me back into writing pretty quick.

I also have a number of things hanging on the wall around me desk. If I'm wanting to look at one of these pictures or decorations while I'm staring off into "what does she do next" space I'll move things around. I'll also move the yard chairs around pretty often when I start a new story. I try to find a view that seems to feel the most like the story I'm working on.

These are the things I set up to help ward off writers' block. It helps, but sometimes it still strikes and I have to do something else. That's okay because it's all part of the writing process.

Peace and love.

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