Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween With The Boys

To celebrate Samhain in a special way I decided to sit down with the boys from the Saving Grace Saga and ask them a few question about Halloween. Tonight we have Aidan and Mike. Our third gust hasn’t shown up yet, but maybe he’ll be in a little later. 

Halloween Night
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Mike and Aidan are relaxed on the couch with a couple of beers enjoying some friendly banter when I interrupt them. “Okay fellas, what’s your favorite thing about Halloween?”

With a laugh Mike answers “The tricks. Dilly and I always get into a prank war this time of year.”
Aidan speaks up, “This time of year? You two are always going at it.” He turns to look at me and goes on, “I found a fake spider in a pot of chili last spring. Dilly figured Mike would the first one to dig in.”

“Really? A fake spider? Anyway, what’s your favorite thing about Halloween, Aidan?”

“I love the scary movies,” he answers with a grin. “The really scary parts make Rei jump right into my lap.”

I can’t help but laugh at this a bit as I ask the next question. “So what costume would you guys pick out for your ladies if you had the choice?”

Aidan’s the first to answer. “Easy. Little Red Riding Hood.” He tips his beer towards Mike and adds, “I could chase her through the forest to Grandma’s any night.”
Mike bursts out with his own laugh and answers, “I had an idea, but I like his better.”

Cauldron 2
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Just as I’m about to ask the final question the door bursts open and a tall, lean man rushes in. He closes the door quickly behind him and he appears to be out of breath. “Edmund! Glad you could join us just in time for the last question.”

Edmund struts over to an empty chair and flops down. He takes the beer Mike is offering and tips it towards me, signaling he’s ready. “Alright guys, finally what scares you the most?”

Mike and Aidan both look a little taken aback by the question. Finally Mike says, “Loosing Dilly.”

Aidan nods in agreement and answers, “I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to Rei or our Aiyana.”

I look over to Edmund who is drinking his beer rather quickly. “Our readers want to know, Edmund.”

He holds up his finger as he finishes the beer and lets out a satisfied sigh. “My greatest fear?” There’s a loud bang on the door behind him and he turns quickly before jumping from his seat. “That she’s going to catch me,” he answers, running across the room towards the other exit.

The two hunks on the couch and I watch as one door slams open and Edmund escapes through the second. A pretty blonde races through the room, ignoring us completely.

And that concludes our Halloween interview. Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Don't forget get to stop by on Halloween for the Howloween Blog Hop! There will be treats a plenty in store.

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