Saturday, March 14, 2015

Writers' Block : Cure #43
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Everyone deals with blocks. The big boring dam that refuses to let the creativity river loose when you're sitting at your computer or with your pen and pad is just down right wrong, but it happens. Today I'm going to be exploring my 43rd cure for writers' block: Writing Prompts.

Writing prompts are used in creative writing classes all over the world to help writers learn to focus on an idea and get it to paper. There is some controversy that comes along with this cure when you're just a writer trying to write. I've got to admit there are valid points both for and against it. Personally, I argued with myself about it for a little while and weighed both the pros and cons. In the end I tried it out and it helped.

This is how it works. You find a writing prompt and roll with it. Start with just a sentence or an idea. You could try building a character around the prompt and work on the plot from there. We all have our different areas where blocks occur. Some writers can come up with the idea for a story in no time flat but struggle to get the characters started. Others can draw a blank with the plot line. We're all different and writing prompts can offer a solution to almost any of these problems.

You don't have to be in a writing class to find a writing prompt. Join a writers' forum and you'll likely find a section for writing prompts and challenges. You can also find prompts in the form of generators online. Generators are everywhere and sometimes they can throw out some pretty interesting ideas. A few of my favorite include those found at Adam Maxwell's Fiction Lounge, Plot Generator and Writing Exercises.

So there you have it. Find yourself a writing prompt and see if it helps. After all, even though you're not working off your own idea at first it's still better than not writing any idea at all.

Peace and love!

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