Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Origin Story

 So I joined a great group recently. The DIY MRA Book Club. I've been wondering around the DIYMFA website for a while and when the chance for this Book Club came up I felt it could help me dedicate more time to my social profiles and to my blog all while working to improve my writing craft.

Anyways, yesterday I received a prompt asking what my origin story is. How did I become a writer?

I've touched on this before, but I'd like to offer a little more to the story.

It all started when I was little. Before I could really write or read I was telling stories. I was four when my little brother was born and I remember sitting with him and "reading" the Mother Goose book to him. I couldn't read the words, but I saw the pictures and created stories around that for him. he would laugh and giggle in his baby way.

By the time I was in school and should have been reading and writing my teachers and parents knew there was a problem, but back then they didn't understand what. Later I would find out I was dyslexic, but that didn't stop my stories. I drew out the adventures of Art Girl and a number of other characters in a really silly comic.

When the school system finally caught up with me and the dyslexia I had already learned to cope with flipped letters and mixed up words. I was reading everything that caught my interest and my story telling had evolved. At that point there was no stopping it. I wanted to be a writer and would face down every challenge that came my way.

My husband and I married almost ten years ago and in a show of support he agreed that I should be a stay at home mom and work on a writing career. At first I freelanced as a writer and honestly still do to help keep the ends tied, but every year I'm able to devote a little more time to my fiction. Today I've written and published five books and have a stack of unfinished and "needs to be polished" stories just waiting for my attention.

And that is my origin story.

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year ... New Me... Kinda

The blog always gets away from me. It never fails. Life starts leaking into my wonderful land of fiction and something has to get pushed back. Most of the time it's this blog and my social sites. Facebook and Twitter have been deeply neglected as well. It's shameful really and I can make no real justifiable excuses.

So instead I'm going to pull up my big writer panties and try to fix that. A New Year means a New Me... I hope.

This year I'm going to set myself out a schedule... cause crazy writers really have to follow a schedule. It's a rule written somewhere that I always get in trouble for breaking. Anyway, this year, starting with this post, I'm dedicating myself to at least one blog post a week and daily Facebook and Twitter posts.

The Full Moon New Releases will be coming back and I will get back into the habit of posting those, because honestly, who doesn't love hearing about new books? Fellow authors if you have a new paranormal romance book coming out let me know. I'll add it to the list.

I love blog hops and hope to get back into the swing of those. They've helped give you, my lovely forgiving readers, sneak peeks at stories I've been working on and published. So, those are coming back too.

There is also a pet project in the works for me. I've recently found a site Penpee.com that allows writers to post short stories by the chapter. Readers pay a small price to read the chapter and the author gets part of that. I'm heavily thinking about giving it a try as I have a few short stories stocked away at the moment. I'll post more about that later.

Along with all that I'll be sharing more about writing life and the crazy that goes with it, but for now that's all.

Peace and Love!

Monday, November 6, 2017


It's November again and once again I'm taking on the challenge of writing 50k words in just 30 days. With so many projects already started and a real need to finish at least one of them I'm going Rebel this year and working on the Dreamweaver stories.

Two of the stories are complete and just need a lot of revision and some extra scenes added, but the third and final story in the trilogy is far from complete. Instead of just focusing on the one story I'll be working on Noble Intent (story #3) and on the extra care Sweeter Dreams and Shadow's Fall (story #1 and #2).

The game plan is to write on story #3 as much as possible and on the off days when my muse just doesn't like me I'll be working on story #1 and #2. That should lead to 50k by the end of the month and hopefully a finish trilogy!

Anyways, here's a bit about the stories.

Sweeter Dreams

The only thing Karlee Bolt has on her mind was her upcoming beach vacation, but her plans are derailed by dark shadows and a knight with a brilliant bright light. Karlee is suddenly thrown into a battle she has no way of fighting.

A Watcher by right, DjinnShay Court is a warrior that protects the balance between the realms. When the Dreamweaver is suddenly dropped into his lap Court must change tactics. No longer a warrior that standing between the realms, he must lead Karlee through the Dream Realm and show her there’s more to dreams than fantasy.

Shadows’ Fall

Running from an arranged marriage, DjinnRa Jade is hiding out in the Waking Realm and performing the duties of a Watcher. When she crosses the path of a lonely child without family she must put her own interests aside and return to the Dream Realm.

Stuck in the shadow of his enemy, Kree is left with nothing more than his voice to fight back with. He’ll soon find that warring clans and nightmares from the Realm Beyond are the least of his worries inside the Djinn Clan’s royal line. Can he and Jade come together and protect the destiny of the Dreamweaver child.

Noble Intent

Searching for a place to belong, Morgan finds herself leading a group fellow lucid dreamers in a fight against the Realm Beyond. Stumbling across an outcast member of the Djinn Clan, she’s faced with the choice of trusting him or turning him away from his last hope.

Lukous is desperate to fix his mistakes, even if no one trusts him to do it. He never thought his best chance at redemption would be from the very people he betrayed and the beautiful woman leading them into battle.

That odd looking cover there is just something I threw together to help my muse come around. Images help me work through stories.

Peace and Love!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Treat

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I'd throw up a nice treat for everyone.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thoughts on Cold and Flu Season

Today I would love it if a friend or family member would show up with a box of tissues, a gallon of orange juice and 2k words written and edited. That would be awesome...

I woke up this morning feeling like someone had taken a hammer to my head and sat a cinder block on my chest. I think it's a cold and I'll be okay in a few days. Colds happen, but it does bring up a topic I don't talk about often.You see, I'm a work at home mom. I don't work outside the house because child care costs are damn high (even though it's barely enough pay for care providers) and finding a first shift job that would let me see to all my daughter's needs is really hard.

Like many authors, fiction writing isn't my only job. I've been known to pick up freelance writing work, graphic design jobs and even the rare editing job. I also have a long list of easy lil earners that I do when I have down time and can't be at my desk. So I'm almost always doing something to pad my income. There is no sick pay, vacation time or health insurance. All of that is on me and I knew what I signed up for.

There are lots of low paying jobs that don't offer those things either, so I know those who work outside the house can understand too. Even when we're sick we have to find a way to work. Which brings to mind all the very real problems of working while you're sick. My brain is muddled and I often have to reread pages and pages of writing over and over, because sometimes the words get muddled too.

Before my daughter came along I worked in retail. Going in to work with money while dealing with being sick was not fun. Those were the days I double and triple counted the money to make sure the drawer wouldn't end up short. It was a nightmare.

So to the point. If you have a friend or family member who isn't sick enough to have to stay in bed (or have the luxury of staying in bed), that doesn't mean they aren't suffering. They're probably trying their best to work. With cold and flu season fast approaching remember them my lovely readers. Hand them an orange juice or pick up that pair of socks that was left on the floor.

Well, those are my thoughts for the day.

Peace and Love

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Full Moon New Release (Oct 2017)

The spooks are out and disrupting my whole schedule. Better late than never though. So find a safe space,sit back with a great new book and enjoy the Scary Season!

Heart of Crystal by Lauren D.M. Smith

Heart of CrystalEver since her family was kidnapped, Azara, a woman of fire mage stock, has survived with a warrior's will and the hope of one day finding them. Whispers of their fate have finally led her to the Empire, where her brother and sister are now prized possessions of His Celestial Majesty's court. Unable to immediately negotiate their freedom, Azara reluctantly agrees to the Emperor's suggestion: accompany his devoted magus Jin across their rival's border in search of other fire mages while her siblings remain in the Emperor's hands.

Posing as married tea merchants, Azara and Jin's masquerade begins. For a fierce young woman devoted to a heartening cause, and a man beholden to his duties, it's an uneasy alliance—but one that quickly turns passionate.

It's also a dangerous proposition, for although the attraction between Jin and Azara is real, both the Emperor and Azara have ulterior motives. It's only when Azara explores her unique powers and puts her faith in Jin that their fight for family—and for their very destiny—can succeed. 
 Released Oct 9th by Carina Press

Revelation by Lauren Dane

The very magick that brought them together now makes them targets… 

Kendra Kellog may have found her sister, but she's still miles away from bringing down the evil mages targeting her family. Max de La Vega is exactly what she doesn't need at this moment in time—strong, smart and the very definition of alpha.

The next in line to run his jaguar jamboree, Max is used to getting what he wants. Right now, he wants Kendra. More than that, he realizes she needs him—and he'll do whatever it takes to guarantee her safety.

With evil forces out to siphon her magick, Kendra can't afford to keep pushing Max away. And for once, Max's cat and his man are in total agreement: Kendra is his to protect. 

Coming Oct 16th from Carina Press

Tangled in Time by Barbara Longley

Tangled in TimeTo set him free from an ancient curse, she must travel to a time of myth and legend…

Regan MacCarthy’s ability to see ghosts is a gift inherited from her Irish ancestors, but it’s one she’d dearly like to give back. In an attempt to return her powers to their source, she travels to Ireland to harness the ancient magic that still permeates the mystical site of Newgrange. Instead, something far more unexpected awaits her: a strapping, gorgeous stranger who insists he’s a centuries-old Celtic warrior.

Fáelán was one of Fionn MacCumhaill’s elite soldiers before being cursed by a resentful fae princess. The only way to free himself is to fall so deeply in love that he’d sacrifice his life. Not an easy matter when he’s invisible to most. Yet Regan sees him—not just the proud, handsome warrior on the surface, but the complex man beneath. Only when it’s too late does Fáelán realize that drawing this beautiful mortal into his world has endangered them both, and may destroy the happiness he’s waited an eternity to claim…

Coming Oct 24th 

Nightbound by Winter Pennington

Night BoundDreams can be dangerous.

Avaliah, Queen of the Leanan Sidhe, is only tentatively shackled to the otherworld by Zaphara’s faerie magic. Kassandra knows Avaliah’s innermost desire: the freedom to avenge her people. And she knows it’s only a matter of time until Avaliah tests her again. But how far is the Fey Queen willing to go to avenge her people? And is she really so wrong in her quest?

Kass ends up in the midst of metaphysical chaos and struggles to keep her head, her heart, and her relationships in order. Nykela, Countess of Tulsa Oklahoma, asks Kassandra to take one of the wolves from her territory into her pack. But Kass is struggling to accept the responsibilities that come with being an Alpha. Kassandra’s wolf feels differently. Her wolf is certain of what she wants and who she’s meant to be. And she’s intent on securing her power, no matter what Kassandra’s dealing with.

The Fourth Book in the Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator Series

Coming Halloween from Bold Strokes Books

That's the round up for October! Happy Halloween!

Peace and Love!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Revisiting Stories

Over the summer I had a lot going on. My daughter was out of school and a friend's daughter stayed with us during the day. It was an interesting summer filled with crafts, hiking and a good bit of water fights, but all that distraction pulled me away from my main writing projects. I found myself starting the third story in the dream realm stories I've been working on. I also ended up with an outline for another interactive story.

But I think the one writing project over the summer that I enjoyed working on the most was Smoke Hunt. A follow up short story of the Saving Grace Saga, this story took two side characters from the novels and slammed them together in an attempt to show the world after the big reveal. The two characters are werewolves and end up mated together, but this revisit brought so much back.

In the Saving Grace Saga, the world is filled with werewolves, witches and a Federal Agency that has been dubbed the "Witch Hunters." The witches have their covens and the werewolves have their packs. I still remember and know the characters even though they haven't appeared in any other stories in years. The fact that the only thing revealed at the end of the series was that the Witch Hunters had been disbanded bothered me a little.

So Smoke Hunt is almost a wrap up of that. Yes, the Federal Witch Hunters were shut down, but that didn't get rid of the hate. Rodney and Lizzy see this first hand as they work together to defend a small Native American pack.

I learned from completing this short story that the world is far from finished. Instead it's still evolving, like any great fictional world will. I may never write any more stories surrounding the Saving Grace Saga, but it's nice to know that I can dip in a toe from time to time and check up on everyone.

Peace and Love