Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Sexy Shifter

It's another My Sexy Saturday and this week's theme is My Sexy Shifter. It just screamed show some fur and with that thought in mind I'm sharing a scene from Witch Hunt. Rei, a witch with the power to transform, has run into a pack of werewolves, but one wolf has the power to flip her world upside down. Enjoy!

Witch Hunt snippet:

Aidan rolled over onto his side to face her, propping his head up on his hand. “Show me,” he challenged. He had only seen the transformation of his own kind, and the idea of seeing Rei as a wolf was exciting and new. Seeing Rei’s look of confusion, Aidan said, “Show me your wolf form. Let me hear her howl.”

Rei slowly lifted herself up from the chair. “I don’t know how long I can hold the form,” she admitted quietly. Aidan did not say anything, only watched her intently. He felt the tickling of magic as Rei called it to her. Her eyes drifted closed, and Aidan wondered if she was picturing the white wolf.

Aidan watched mystified as Rei’s clothes melted away, and fur began to blossom in their place. Her face became thinner, longer, and was quickly covered in short fur. When Rei dropped to her hands and knees in the middle of the room, Aidan sat up to watch her more closely.

What Aidan saw sitting there before him was a very powerful, fullgrown female timber wolf. She was smaller than his kind but was large for her kind, appearing well over a hundred pounds. Then there were her eyes. Those deep, engulfing black eyes stared at him confidently.

Aidan slipped his feet off the edge of the couch, sitting up. Remembering how his own kind reacted in their furry form, Aidan gently moved his hand, fingers outstretched, toward her. Rei leaned forward and bumped his palm with her muzzle. “You’re really coherent right now,” Aidan said in amazement. Rei let out a little whine. A smile drifted over Aidan’s lips, and he quickly amended what he had said. “It’s rare for a werewolf to be so coherent at such an early age. I assumed you’d be the same.”

Rei stood up and, showing just how coherent she was, began to spin in a slow circle. Aidan recognized the movement at once. Rei was showing off her appearance for him, asking if he liked what he saw. He was captivated by the sleek look her light-colored fur gave her. Her movements were so graceful and natural. Aidan felt his own wolf stirring and knew that his furrier half liked the image of Rei’s wolf form too.

“You are gorgeous,” he said finally. Rei stopped her spin and faced him again. Her head was held high with pride from his praise. “Let me hear you. I want to know what you sound like.”

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