Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesday

Our IconI found a new blog hop site and this one is perfect for the paranormal romance lover. It's called Paranormal Love Wednesday and you can read more about the hop over at their blog, but the gist is that in four paragraphs or less the writer gives the read a great peek at their story. Stories can be finished and published or works in progress.

It tickled my fancy to find a hop just for the paranormal lovers. For the hop today I'm laying out three paragraphs from my first novel, Witch Hunt.

Witch Hunt Except:

Like the wild essence of the forest, Aidan was also chasing after the woman. He had to admit that she was a rather swift runner, and only the fact that he ran along the ridge above her allowed him to see where she was heading. She would reach the river soon and then onward to the west. He had to dip down off the ridge to cross the river with the woman and lost sight of her for several long desperately agonizing moments. When he found her scent again, he burst forward, slamming through the underbrush and found his wolf self thrust directly in her path.

Standing in front of her, Aidan felt a need to relieve some of her fear. He felt the wolf withdrawal as he transformed back into his human self. Once he was human again, he had been about to speak when he was suddenly captivated by the sight of her. Kneeling in front of him, he saw a young woman now filled with shock more than fear.

As Aidan had just begun admiring the bright moonglow of her skin, the Wild Hunt had chased her down and slammed into her. Wild energy ricocheted itself throughout her entire body and drove her down to one knee. Aidan watched the woman throw her head back, the look in her wide eyes reminding him of feral wild cats. Aidan saw her chest arch forward, and then without warning, the Hunt tackled him as well. His eyes went wide as his muscles tensed. In that split second before desire overruled thought, Aidan realized his dire mistake, but it was far too late. By placing himself in the Hunt’s path, he too had become a part of its chase. Now the only thing that concerned him was the breathless woman in front of him. Slowly lowering himself to one knee, Aidan leaned toward her. His cheek barely brushed against hers as he inhaled her scent. Sandalwood filled his senses. He felt her heart pounding. Her body tightened, ready to bolt, and Aidan’s response was a low growl from deep in his throat

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That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to check out the other great blogs along the hop.

Peace and love.


  1. Love the name, Aidan, my grandson's :) Great passage, lots of description.
    Jacquie Biggar