Wednesday, September 4, 2019

What's Coming Up For star Crossed

With the release of Witching Hour Madness the end to the Star Crossed Series really started coming into view. At the beginning there was just one story, Just Beyond Daybreak, but then that morphed and Meredith and Malcolm took on a life of their own. These two have taken me on a trip through magical awesomeness and it's still going.

Warning: Spoilers

At the end of Witching Hour Madness Malcolm popped the question and I cried. Tear drops splattering on the keys. All along I knew this was going to happen and pushed all the stories to this beautiful hectic moment and I still cried.

Now the wedding. Knot in Destiny is the fifth and final novella in the Star Crossed Series. It'll be releasing in Jan 2020 and I'm thinking about throwing a party. These characters have been put through hell and they've put me through the ringer. As ready as I am to move on to new characters I'm sad to see it end.

There is at least one short story I'm tinkering with as a side story. Meredith and Malcolm will not have the leading rolls in this story, but it's exciting to peek in on their married life. I can't wait to see what it has in store for me.

That's the update. Now for the buy it links!

Just Beyond Daybreak

Caught by Nightfall

Chasing High Noon

Witching Hour Madness

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