Monday, September 16, 2019

Character Chit-Chat with Meredith Blackburn

It's been too long since we've had a character chit-chat and I know just the character, Meredith Blackburn. We're interrupting her just before Witching Hour Madness. There's a big event going on in the magical community. It's Halloween and there's a Samhain Ball being held by the upper crust. It's an important night. Let's find out why...

So, Meredith, what's going on tonight?

Meredith: The Samhain Ball is happening. It's one of the more important events within the magical society. Tonight we'll lock ourselves away until morning to show our support of our treaties swearing to let those who have passed be free of our influence.

You mean people who have died? Why is this so important?

Meredith: Yes. The veil that separates the world of the living and world of the dead is thinnest tonight and travel between the two is easier and more common on this night. Magic users could bond with the dead and trap them, but it's very wrong. We lock ourselves away to allow the spirits to move freely without that worry.

Okay. That makes since. What else is going on with this Ball?

Meredith: Well, like any large event there are always behind the door deals. Marriage agreements, business contracts and even loan repayments have been known to take place. This year is also the first year the Oasis group is hosting the ball. It's bound to be a treat as they've been petitioning to host for over a  decade.

Alright, on to the gossip. Are you taking a date tonight?

Meredith: Malcolm Blackwood is joining me tonight. It'll be our first venture out into society as an official couple. I'm not sure what to expect from the other families and organizations, but it's well passed time to care.

That's right and where is Malcolm? Getting ready?

Meredith: That is a good damned question and it brings us to the end of this interview. I have some hunting to do.

And with that Meredith Blackburn set off in search of her wayward lover, leaving this writing sitting alone with a notepad and pen.

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