Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Fantasy Challenge

Over the summer I sat out to try something new. During CampNaNoWriMo I started a fantasy story. It's a big scary world outside of a comfort zone. While interactive fiction was challenging I've found that fantasy is a world apart from paranormal romance.

The story and some stuff about fantasy.

So, the story is aimed at being a Heroic Fantasy story told in four parts. Each part is pretty short, only around 10k to 15k words or so. I broke it up this way because shorts can be really fun to write and hopefully it might make it easier for me to see the train wrack before it happens. Anyway, Heroic Fantasy, unlike Epic Fantasy, doesn't really focus on saving the world. Instead it really is about the hero. The character may not save the day, but they've accomplished something they set out to do. Hopefully they do it with a great deal of gusto.

The story did start out with a touch of a love interest, but I didn't want to go too far into romance. After all, the challenge is something different. Still, I'm a romance author so it's floated well ahead of me and already I can tell if nothing else I'm going to end up with a romance. The question is will I have a fantasy story with a nice romance side plot or will I end up with romantic fantasy?

It's still on the fence. We'll just see when it's done.

Mistaken Saga as I've taken to calling it is rolling along like most challenges. I've hit bumps (in the middle of a big one now) and I've spent hours typing. It has the same ups and downs, so my writing process is where it normally is. However I've had to slow my roll and do a lot of research outside the norm.

What the heck would a traveling entertainer be called? Is there a title for that? How is magic going to work inside the world? Is there magic? What other races populate the place? What are the names of the oceans?

Thankfully my geekhood helped out. My husband and I play D&D once a month with a few friends and take turns being DM. So, world creation was something I've done before. I didn't want to use too much from D&D or any other fantasy stories. So I sat myself down and tore away the rules and then rebuilt the world.

All in all so far it's been a fun ride and I'm looking forward to where it all leads. Drop a comment if you're interested in fantasy or if you too are in the middle of a personal challenge.

Peace and Love

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