Friday, April 23, 2021

Dangers of Being an Author

 Today's post offers a little insight into being an author. Most people think of an author as carefree, maybe writing everything with a feathered pen. Some people think of the much more common struggling author that's fighting to pay their bills. Both are real and so are all the different levels in between. Still, there are a few things all authors have in common. 

One of the biggest dangers of being an author is falling in love with your characters. You don't even have to be a romance author for this to happen. It can and does happen in every genre. These characters are created, nurtured and grown in the minds of their authors. That can lead to a deep connection. It can also lead to not wanting to put the character through scenes that would hurt them. It's even been known to stop the planned death of a character. 

Of course, falling in love with your character can also help the author build their story. It can also make them look crazy when they have one sided conversation with fictional beings.

Bad posture is a big risk for authors. While we're having our crazy talks and mental break downs we don't always pay attention to the correct way to sit or stand or sleep. This can cause a lot of problems physically. (Currently dealing with a pinched nerve in my arm because I just spent too much time at my computer and not stepping away every twenty minutes or so.) Back pain, neck pain, headaches and even fatigue can all be caused by bad posture. Authors just seem less likely to notice until it's too late. At least this one is.

Being an author includes the risk of being crushed alive. All those books we stock pile for research or for escape have to go somewhere and sometimes the shelves don't hold the weight. With ebooks a big part of day to day life this risk is less, but I don't know many other authors that don't have an overflowing book shelf that's ready to tip at any moment.

Finally, I want to address something that not just authors but many people face day to day. We're all working and doing our best to advance ourselves, our work and our families. Getting caught up in an editing deadline or a contest manuscript can be really good for the career, but it can be very bad for your family. Things have to get done, yes. Don't stop doing them, but make time for your friends and family. Chances are your doing this as much for them as you are for yourself. 

And your family misses you. They support you and they love you. Make time to spend with them. Right now more than ever. If they're not supporting and loving then find those that are, because we all need that kind of support in our lives. Be that support for them and help each other. 

 There are a lot of dangers when it comes to creating fiction and living day to day with what you've created blended in with the real world around you. Most authors look crazy at least once or twice. Some stay in that semi insane state all the time. Others hold themselves together perfectly and make the rest of us sick with jealousy. 

That's all for today my lovely readers.

Peace and Love

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