Sunday, June 9, 2019

June Already??

School is out and I've been paying more attention to working on edits and new stories to notice I've completely ignored my blog and social media sites. No worries. I'm sure I'll fail you again at some point, my lovely blog readers. As long as the books keep coming maybe you'll forgive me.

Here's a layout for the next month or two:

Leading up to the release of Witching Hour Madness I'm going to be releasing a MidWeek Tease each week from a different book in the Star Crossed Series.

The full moon release will be back.... frantically checks calendar... on the 17th. I'm already rounding up some great new paranormal releases.

I've also started putting together a character chit chat! Surprises guests will arrive in early July!

I'm also looking for a few new blog hops or author events to get myself out there. (I'm an introvert.)

That's the game plan and I'll stick to it this time, I swear!

Just let me drop this here below for your reading pleasure.

Witching Hour Madness, Book 4 in the Star Crossed Series

The Witching Hour is upon them, and Meredith Blackburn finds herself navigating family politics and community gossip. When the doors lock down, so does her magic, and she starts to wonder about the foreboding feeling that has been tickling her neck all night.

With Meredith at his side, Malcolm Blackwood is ready to face the elite magic community he once ran away from. Asked to help track down a missing magical threat, he finds something more frightening than the golden ring in his pocket.

Can they stop an ancient threat? Or will the magic users be consumed?

Now available for Pre-Order on Amazon for the release sale price of .99! 

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