Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Midweek Tease: July 4th

It's a Midweek Tease and I'm back with another tease from Caught by Nightfall. The sexy magical tracker, Malcolme Blackwood, just keeps begging for attention and his lovely Meredith is willing to play a little cat and mouse. Enjoy and remember to hop over to the other great blogs on the list!

Malcolm asked, Would you be more comfortable on the bed?”

Smirking, Meredith glanced down at the carpeted floor. It might save me from rug burn.”

Nodding, Malcolm gave her a knowing look, and loosened his arms. Giving her one last quick kiss, he said, Then you best hurry, little mouse, or I might pounce on you no matter where I catch you.”

Meredith pulled away from his arms and flashed him a come and get me” look over her shoulder before hurrying for the door. She tugged her shirt off as she made her way through her apartment and knew that Malcolm was close behind when he tossed his own shirt ahead to the couch.  

The light touch of Malcolm’s fingers on her side made Meredith turn and side step to avoid him. Smiling back at him, she quickened her pace and hurried to the bedroom. Letting out a joyful laugh, he teased, I almost caught you, Babe.”

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