Thursday, September 28, 2017

Revisiting Stories

Over the summer I had a lot going on. My daughter was out of school and a friend's daughter stayed with us during the day. It was an interesting summer filled with crafts, hiking and a good bit of water fights, but all that distraction pulled me away from my main writing projects. I found myself starting the third story in the dream realm stories I've been working on. I also ended up with an outline for another interactive story.

But I think the one writing project over the summer that I enjoyed working on the most was Smoke Hunt. A follow up short story of the Saving Grace Saga, this story took two side characters from the novels and slammed them together in an attempt to show the world after the big reveal. The two characters are werewolves and end up mated together, but this revisit brought so much back.

In the Saving Grace Saga, the world is filled with werewolves, witches and a Federal Agency that has been dubbed the "Witch Hunters." The witches have their covens and the werewolves have their packs. I still remember and know the characters even though they haven't appeared in any other stories in years. The fact that the only thing revealed at the end of the series was that the Witch Hunters had been disbanded bothered me a little.

So Smoke Hunt is almost a wrap up of that. Yes, the Federal Witch Hunters were shut down, but that didn't get rid of the hate. Rodney and Lizzy see this first hand as they work together to defend a small Native American pack.

I learned from completing this short story that the world is far from finished. Instead it's still evolving, like any great fictional world will. I may never write any more stories surrounding the Saving Grace Saga, but it's nice to know that I can dip in a toe from time to time and check up on everyone.

Peace and Love

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