Thursday, October 6, 2016

NaNoWriMo Prep (2016)

Image result for NANoWriMo graphics 2016Every year I set a goal to participate in NaNoWriMo. Whether it's one of the camps or the November event, I push myself to set writing goals and write alongside other authors. The first year I did NaNoWriMo I wrote over 40k words for my first published piece, Witch Hunt. The following years saw large chunks of Fox Hunt and Fire Hunt completed. Last year I completed my 30k goal with Lost Relic and this past summer it was published.

To me that means that when I push myself to complete a writing goal I'm more likely to finish it and get it out to readers. That's some awesome motivation to join in and get to writing.

This past summer and spring I wasn't unable to join Camp NaNoWriMo because of an illness in the family. So next month is my last chance to take part this year and I'm determined to do it. I've tucked away a story idea just for this year. It stayed untouched for months waiting for it's chance and when I pulled it out last week I was happy to find it just as fresh in my mind as the moment I scribbled it down on a receipt.

The Prep

Some years I fly by the seat of my pants and wait until it all starts to get the story underway. Not this year. I can't set a lower word count goal in November like I can during the camps. So 50k is the goal and that's a lofty challenge. At least for me.

Character sheets, plot and other bits of the story need a little developing. This has already started. Scenes have already started coming to mind and I'm trying my best to keep these all contained to a notebook. (Love my computer and phone, but I also love pen and paper) 

Another part of the prep work is advancing my current WIP to a point where I can pick it back up after November. Because of family illness this piece hasn't gotten the attention it normally world so I've got a good bit of catch up to do.

I'm also going to need to prep some frozen meals for my family. They've gotta eat too! Don't get me wrong. I'll still cook for the hubby and pumpkin, but I know there will be evenings where pulling away from the story just won't happen. On those nights I plan on having something for them and the hubby is awesome enough to be okay with that.

And that's the prep at this point. Development, advancing WIP and looking for at home frozen meal recipes. If you happen to know a good recipe that freezes well let me know in the comments!

Peace and Love!

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