Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Paranormal Love Wednesdays's time for a Paranormal Love Wednesday post! This week I pulled four paragraphs from Fox Hunt. Dilly and Mike are having their "first date" style moment with a well deserved video game. These two werewolves can get a bit caught up in a platform scroller just as much as the next gamer. Enjoy!

Fox Hunt snippet:

Nudging his shoulder with her own, Dilly confidently said, “We’re gonna get it this time.” The level started over, and both Dilly and Mike were completely lost in it. Waving her hands about as she raced the game, Dilly didn’t even realize her shoulder was still pressed to Mike’s. When Dilly’s game character blew up into a large bubble after smacking a wall of thorns, Dilly let out an aggravated growl, dropped her controller into her lap, and turned to encourage the man sitting next to her. “Come on, Mike. You can get it.”

Cheering him on as he raced through the last part of the level, Dilly tensed up in anticipation. A rush of triumph filled her as the little character jumped at the crystal and smashed it. Throwing her hands up, Dilly screamed, “You did it!”

“Heck, yeah,” Mike said, dropping his controller. Before he could say anything else, Dilly found herself wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. It was rushed, and Dilly quickly pulled back with a big smile on her face, which disappeared when she realized what she’d done. She’d been so happy about beating that stupid level, she’d made a move on Mike.

Mike, the strange male wolf who had wondered into town looking for his mate. Mike, the guy Dilly had tried to convince to leave her alone. Mike, the man who sat beside her with a big Cheshire cat grin on his face.

That's all you get this week. Hop over to Paranormal Love Wednesdays to check out other great posts and snippets.

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Peace and Love!

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