Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Goals

It's 2019. Last year flew by and all I can say is this: It was surprisingly normal. It really wasn't a challenging year for me. Some great stuff happened in 2018. The Saving Grace Saga went to print. Caught by Nightfall was released. There were a few new story ideas and a few that ended up repurposed.

But now it the time when I start trying to plan out the next 365 days. Sometimes these plans work out, but more often than not they get jumbled around as the weeks ramble on.

So on with the goal setting!

This blog along with my social media will not go ignored. I've said it before and deserve your scoff of disbelief, but I'm going to try. Promise.

On to the Projects: up is completing the Star Crossed Series. This won't be too hard. The first drafts are finished and the third story, Chasing High Noon, is scheduled to come out in just over a month. That just leaves two stories! Both are really rough drafts at the moment, but I'm confident they'll be polished and ready for release in June and at the beginning of 2020.

There's only one other project on my mind for the coming year, but its a BIG one. Before Meredith and Malcolm hijacked my pen this series was sitting center stage. Right now I can only call it the Three Realms Stories, but its a six book series. two of the novels are complete drafts and half of the third is written. There are three more waiting their turn.

Each story has a different set of characters. While all the stories do take place in the same universe there are three different realms, as the name implies. Each realm has a different set of solid rules and laws. I've been taking notes and working on these stories for several years and I'm ready to get back to them full time.

Midnight Flames, an interactive story, is sitting on the back burner and may steal a little of my time this year, but there's no way it's getting completed unless it hijacks my pen.

Those are pretty much my goals. Polish and prepare for publishing the last of the Star Crossed Stories. Complete the Three Realms Stories and start polishing them along the way. Let Midnight Flames have a little attention here and there.

That's not too tight a plan but not so loose I get lost in my own creative madness.

May 2019 be an awesome year for you!

Peace and Love

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