Thursday, January 10, 2019

Stay Warm this Winter with this New Paranormal Romance Novella

I'm happy and excited to announce that the third book in the Star Crossed Series will be releasing at the end of this month!

Chasing High Noon, the third book in the Star Crossed Series by paranormal romance author J.R. White, will be hitting the shelves on Jan 31, 2019. For those engaged readers who need a quick read, this novella is sure to be a hit. Continue the journey with Malcolm and Meredith as they work through the strained details of their relationship and deal with the internal back stabbing of the Blackburn family. The Lunar Shadow is only a day away and now there’s a stranger worming his way into our leading lady’s life. 

Chasing High Noon

Overworked, Meredith Blackburn is on a deadline. Restoring the Dragon’s Eye, a family relic that connects them to their magical roots, has turned into a trial by fire. With her family breathing down her neck, the Lunar Shadow can’t come soon enough.

Malcolm Blackwood is sure Meredith is still there somewhere, but with a new attendant and family pressure, she’s just too wrapped up to notice that things are wrong. Warned about forbidden magic and desperate to support his lover, he’s tiptoeing through a mine field.
Will the Blackburns be satisfied? Or will Meredith be cast out?

Coming to Amazon Jan 31, 2019 in both Print and Digital

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