Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Sexy Saturday : We're Sexy HOT!!'s time for another My Sexy Saturday and this one's special. This is the 100th Sexy Saturday blog hop and the theme is We're Sexy HOT! To celebrate I pulled a short scene from Fire Hunt.

Enjoy and make sure you skip around the other great author blogs linked up through the We're Sexy HOT! blog hop.

He opened his eyes and saw pretty blue hues staring back at him. that instant, he thought it might be possible that he might be blushing, but Edmund never blushed when he was caught red-handed. Instead, he smiled down at her and said, “Hi.”

A brilliant, heart-stopping smile spread across her face. “Hi,” she whispered. Her back arched and she let out a moan as he switched from kneading to light scratches. “Mmm. That feels good.”

“Yeah?” he teased as he moved the scratches to her side. The slight tickle caused another sexy wiggle that brought her closer to him. With her hip brushing his leg, Edmund switched back to gentle caresses. “Did you sleep okay?” he asked before leaning in to kiss the exposed back of her neck.

Julia froze under his lips. He placed several more kisses along her neck before she asked, “Eddie, what are you doing?”

“I’m kissing you,” he answered before dropping a kiss below her ear. He pulled back just a fraction and watched her face. “Is that okay?”

She wasn’t smiling anymore and while he could see the goosebumps along her exposed arms, he wasn’t sure how she was going to answer. He did know that his heart had nearly stopped as he waited for her reply.

About Fire Hunt

Julia was dedicated to the cause, even though she was marked a traitor by her own kind for becoming a Federal Witch Hunter. When her partner captures a man from her past, Julia must make a choice: Let the witch be tortured, or blow her cover and go with plan B.

All Edmund wanted was to help the magical community and escape his extremist lifestyle. Instead he was setup and captured by Witch Hunters. Cut off from his magic and held prisoner, Edmund didn’t think things could get worse. Then Julia struts into his holding cell with an escape plan.

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