Friday, July 24, 2015

CampNaNoWriMo and Interactive Romance're heading into the last stretch of CampNaNoWriMo and I'm excited to say I expect to finish up my story a little early. This camp has been exciting and offered a challenge I'm not accustom to. While I've done the challenge before it was always with a story style I'm use to writing, but this time I took on something different.

Boy oh boy, this interactive writing can get confusing. The outline I put together with all it's branches went flying out the window pretty quickly and it drug me along for the ride. My characters have expanded the story in a way I didn't expect considering that each branch is a short story. Details have begun revealing themselves through the choices that connected them all to make it a fuller read. I can't wait to finish the draft and jump into a first read.

The challenge of interactive writing I've found is more about balancing the story and making each branch interesting. While each branch reveals something a little different than the others, they all need to fit into a complete story. I've been pushing off writing the endings until I've complete the main story arcs. Part of me wants the surprise of what the leading lady's choices lead to.

The second challenge of this story is the topic. I normally like paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy writing. This one is way off the mark. It's a historical story set in the early 1900's and our leading lady is off on an adventure to find the Golden Tomb of the Golden King (King connected to El Dorado) in South America. So far she's encountered a number of issues, from giant snakes to opportunistic thieves.

I am still fighting the urge to include a curse or some other fantastic element to it. I've talked myself out of it for the moment, but all is fair in Love and Editing!

Peace and Love!

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