Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Sexy Saturday : One Sexy Night

Sorry it's late. Power issues this morning.  With no further delay here is my One Sexy Night post.

It's time for another My Sexy Saturday peek. This week the theme was One Sexy Night and I think I have just the peek to how you, my loyal readers. This is taken from a short story about two magical families.Our leading lady has just been branded with a magical symbol meant to give her enough magic to survive. Our leading hero has one last thing to do before the symbol will work properly.

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Just Beyond Daybreak:

She nodded and answered, “Fine.” Slowly Meredith turned her head to catch a glance at the brand on her shoulder. She could just make out the upper crust of a circle. Moving her eyes up to look at Malcolm, Meredith wondered when she was supposed to get this extra magic and if she would even feel its arrival. “So it’s working?”

Malcolm looked up from a cloth he was using to wipe the chopstick. “Almost,” he said, sitting the silver stick down. “Just one more thing to do.”

“Well, what’s that?” Meredith asked, turning her head back around. She was contemplating pulling her shirt back up, when she was surprised by his hand taking hold of her unbranded shoulder and pulling her backwards. Meredith fell back and a sharp pain ran through her as his free hand caught the brand. He moved the other hand to cup her chin and tilt her head back. Then he was kissing her. For an instant it felt like Malcolm was stealing her very soul through his lips and she didn’t care. She found herself kissing him back.

She watched his half-closed eyes from the odd sideways, almost upside down, angle. This was not a gentle, innocent kiss. This was a lust provoking tease of lips and tongue. The feel of his palm pressed against the raw brand on her shoulder was scorching, but Meredith could not call it pain. A tingle of magic seemed to pass from his hand into her as their lips devoured each other. 

Realization that this was the connection Malcolm needed to link his power to hers set in, and some of the passion that had flared to life died away. As his lips slowly pulled away from her own, Meredith tried to mask her emotions. She fought back the urge to lean forward for another kiss as she watched the tip of his tongue swipe over his top lip. “So, now it’s working?” Meredith asked, forcing herself to maintain eye contact with him.

For just the briefest of seconds Malcolm’s composure was lost and she thought she could see disappointment drift through those blue hues. In a blink it was gone, and Malcolm was back to his smug, confident self.  Helping her sit back up, he said, “This should give you enough to keep going for a little while. If you don’t use too much you should have a few days, but if something happens you can defend yourself for a few minutes. If need be I can give you more, but it’ll be a more physical connection.” 

“How close of a physical connection are we talking about?” Meredith asked, straightening her shirt over her shoulders. 

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this short scene between Meredith and Malcolm. Remember to check out the other great authors and their short scenes!

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  1. How deep a connection....I want to know too! Yummy tension between them


    1. Thanks. I think this one's begging for a squeal.

  2. Wow! What a snippet! Wonderful. I really love how she gets to Malcom. Thanks for sharing and for being part of My Sexy Saturday.

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    1. Thanks. I checked out yours and I loved the back and forth between the characters.