Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's With The Girls

It's a day that romance rules supreme. Along with flowers and chocolates I think adding a few books to the TBR list is a must. I'm sure that the girls from the Saving Grace Saga would agree. I've decided to sit down with the ladies today and have a bit of a chit chat to celebrate St. Valentine's Day. 

Dilly and Rei are here today not just to talk about romance, but I've also got a surprise for them. Our third guest will be showing up shortly.

"So, how are you girls doing? The boys treating you alright?"

Rei takes a hurried sip from her glass of wine and then answers, "I'm good. Aidan has Aiyana for the night and promised to let me sleep in tomorrow."

Dilly is full of smiles and I swear I can see a bit of a glow to her. "I'm good. Mike and I just got back from a bit of a honeymoon last month."

"So what did the guys get you for Valentine's Day?"

"Mike took me out to dinner last night and surprised me with chocolate strawberries when we got home," Dilly answered.

Rei lifted her glass a bit towards Dilly and answered, "That's so sweet. Aidan made me breakfast in bed."

"That's nice. I've got a bit of a surprise for you two today myself and she should be walking in right about ... now." The door opens and a blonde walks in. Rei and Dilly both recognize her at once and a round of hellos ring out. I clear my throat and ask Julia what she got for Valentine's Day.

Flashing a big smile, Julia answers, "Fire Hunt is getting published!"

This answer sets off a round of cheers and the chit chat is over. I'm happy to say that Fire Hunt the final story in the Saving Grace Saga was accepted for publication and will be out within the year.

Peace and love everyone and enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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