Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: You're So Sexy It's time for another My Sexy Saturday blog hop. This week's theme is "You're So Sexy" and while I'm not sure I found a snippet that fits that theme I do think it'll work. Don't forget to check out all the other great authors in the blog hop by surfing through the links at the end of the post.

This bit is from a work in progress, Fire Hunt. Our leading lady is dancing at a family member's wedding and our hero can't seem to take his eyes off her. Enjoy!

 Fire Hunt peek:

Back at the front of the fire, Michel took a long braided cord and tied the couple's hands together. “Turn and face the world with renewed strength and support,” Michel said and quickly followed it with, “Don't forget to kiss her.”

A roaring cheer went up from the crowd as the couple move towards the tables and chairs setup along the edge of the clearing. The audience moved with them, opening up a space that quickly filled with a steady drum beat. The crowd turned and instantly a blue swirl of satin soft silk stole his attention from everything else. 
Julia twirled into the clearing along with two other woman Edmund didn't bother to recognize. His mind zeroed in on the gold and blue that hugged Julia's body. The costume wasn't the skimpy belly dancer dress. This more traditional gypsy dress hugged just the right spots, fit loosely enough in others and allowed just a peek-a-boo of Julia's mid-drift to show. Golden coins jingled around her wrists and ankles. As she spun, dipped and stretched Edmund saw the value of leaving somethings to one's imagination. 
The dance was a blessing from the Great Mother on the new marriage. If the dancers faltered in their steps the couple were fated to part, but as Julia dipped low, reaching her fingertips to her bare toes, Edmund knew the dance was perfect. The bright smile on her face seemed to fill her with brilliant new light. He could tell she was home.

When the dancers circled and came closer to him, Edmund's eyes fell to the roll of her hips and the graceful bump of her behind. What he wouldn't give to come home to that smile everyday and crawl into bed with those hips every night. Julia was perhaps the perfect woman.

The dance ended in a flourish and Julia, along with the other dancers, disappeared in the crowd. Edmund looked for the glint of gold on her costume as he moved passed the people. A few smiled, shook his hand and welcomed him home. All the while a strip of blue or a peek of blonde teasing him through the crowd. His heart picked up a beat when a whiff of her perfume drifted by.

Edmund saw her stop and smile at an older woman. Hurrying over, he just barely caught her before she began to walk away again. When he managed to capture her hand new music had hummed to life. Edmund pulled Julia back, causing her to spin around. As her skirt twisted around, Edmund smiled at her surprised look. “Dance?” he asked, pulling her further into the crowd that had already started moving with the music.

That's all for this sexy addition of My Sexy Saturday. I hope you liked it and don't forget to support your local starving authors!

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