Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tuesday Teaser: Reckless Dreams

It's been a while since I've dropped a Tuesday Tease. So here's something from what I'm hoping will be an upcoming release later this year. Reckless Dreams. Just a little back drop: There are three realms. The realm we live in, aka The Waking Realm. The realm of our dreams, aka The Dream Realm and the realm of nightmares, aka The Realm Beyond. This is the first book in a series and let's get to the tease!

When Karlee became aware of anything around her again it was the sensation of a warm body curled up beside her. Stretching and scooting over a little closer, she let out a content sigh. She reached out her hand to let her fingers trail over a solid chest. An arm slid over her side, curling around her back and she sank into the comfort, nuzzling up against the man’s shoulder. 

The salty male scent brought a small smile to Karlee’s lips. Then the fact that a man was in her bed struck her. Panic flooded in as she snapped opened her eyes and shoved away from the stranger.

Deep chestnut brown eyes were staring back at her and before she could scream Karlee took in the full view of the rest of him. A small smile graced his slightly pouty lips and his light brown hair was messed and draped over his shoulders, as if he had been sleeping beside her the entire time. Below the sexy look was an equally sexy chest. Across his bare and well-toned stomach a sprinkling of hair caught her attention and led her eyes lower to the edge of the blanket that rested across his hip. The happy trail continued under the floral pattern of the covers and made it clear that he was nude from top to bottom.

It was the crazy stranger and he was completely nude beside her. Karlee was just starting to freak out when the sound of waves registered. Looking away from the beautiful man, she looked for the water. Instead of her bedroom walls a sprawling beach cast in moonlight surrounded her. Ocean waves were crashing against the shore line and the only thing on the beach besides sand and tropical trees was her bed. “What’s going on?”

“You’re dreaming,” Court said, shifting beside her. When Karlee turned to look at him again he was sitting up against the headboard, the blanket draped a little higher to cover everything below his belly button. His small smile had turned into a smirk. “It’s all in your head.”

Chirping rang out from somewhere behind her and Karlee swept her eyes over the water. The moon was high over the horizon and the rippling waves reflected the light, lighting up the landscape. “A dream?” she mumbled with a smile. Fear and worry were quickly replaced by a feeling of giddiness. Throwing the blanket off, she jumped off the bed and wiggled her toes in the sand. The breeze caressed her body and a bit of her joy flickered as she realized she too was naked.

Covering her breasts, Karlee threw a look over her shoulder at Court. When he rolled his head against the headboard she swore she saw a twinkle in his eyes. “Your dream. Dream up clothing,” he suggested. 

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Karlee figured seeing herself in her favorite nightgown might make it appear. It was her dream after all. It didn’t take long for the silky softness of the gown to slip over her skin. A single glance proved that she had summoned the white billowy gown into place and she threw her hands out and twirled. The salty air curled around her like a welcoming hug and she felt all the stress from her long day melt away as the stars spun above her.

Karlee fell back on the bed with a happy sigh. Unaware that her head was pillowed on Court’s thigh, she let out a laugh and said, “Best dream ever.”

That's your tease for today. Hope you enjoyed. If you want me to get this book published quicker encourage me with a comment or two! 

Peace and Love

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