Saturday, December 14, 2019

Knot in Destiny Pre-Order and Sale!

It's coming to an end!

On Jan. 15th Meredith and Malcolm will be walking down the aisle in the final chapter of the Star Crossed Series. Available now on Amazon for Pre-Order, Knot in Destiny is on it's way. 

If you need to play catch up, get ready for a deal! 

Leading up to the release of Knot in Destiny, the first four ebooks leading to this moment will be on sale for just .99 cents each.

Between Dec 15th until Jan 15th you can download Just Beyond Daybreak, Caught by Nightfall, Chasing High Noon and Witching Hour Madness for just .99 cents each.

What are you waiting for? Go catch up or start a great series today! 

Click the image to zip to Amazon and get your copy!

Peace and Love
Hope your holidays are filled with joy! 

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