Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year ... New Me... Kinda

The blog always gets away from me. It never fails. Life starts leaking into my wonderful land of fiction and something has to get pushed back. Most of the time it's this blog and my social sites. Facebook and Twitter have been deeply neglected as well. It's shameful really and I can make no real justifiable excuses.

So instead I'm going to pull up my big writer panties and try to fix that. A New Year means a New Me... I hope.

This year I'm going to set myself out a schedule... cause crazy writers really have to follow a schedule. It's a rule written somewhere that I always get in trouble for breaking. Anyway, this year, starting with this post, I'm dedicating myself to at least one blog post a week and daily Facebook and Twitter posts.

The Full Moon New Releases will be coming back and I will get back into the habit of posting those, because honestly, who doesn't love hearing about new books? Fellow authors if you have a new paranormal romance book coming out let me know. I'll add it to the list.

I love blog hops and hope to get back into the swing of those. They've helped give you, my lovely forgiving readers, sneak peeks at stories I've been working on and published. So, those are coming back too.

There is also a pet project in the works for me. I've recently found a site that allows writers to post short stories by the chapter. Readers pay a small price to read the chapter and the author gets part of that. I'm heavily thinking about giving it a try as I have a few short stories stocked away at the moment. I'll post more about that later.

Along with all that I'll be sharing more about writing life and the crazy that goes with it, but for now that's all.

Peace and Love!

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