Monday, September 12, 2016

Preparing for the Season

Along with all my writing projects Autumn brings a bit extra excitement to the household. I love fall and almost everything that comes with it. Thankfully, I can over look the house maintenance that comes with preparing for the winter months. (Not my favorite of chores) Instead I can gloss over all that and get down to really enjoying everything.

I've already started getting things ready for Halloween. My daughter is pretty strong willed about her costume and it's always 50/50 if I'm going to have to make it or if I can buy it. This year she's found Monster High and zeroed in on the Chloe character. While I love that I can purchase this costume instead of trying to piece it together I was also told I'll get to be Cleopatra. Yay! I always wanted to try on royalty. While I get dodge stitching her costume together mine doesn't meet the budget. So I've already started looking around to piece together my costume.

With the costumes planned out I get to turn to one of my favorite pursuits. Movies! I always pick out movies for movie marathons with the family (or just on the random wine nights with friends). This year my daughter and I are negotiating a Scooby-Doo marathon and I'm working on a Witchy marathon list.

Oktoberfest and Pagan Pride day are also coming up. Oktoberfest is important not just for the fun of it, but because it's where my husband and I really hung out for the first time. It's also where we reconnected a few years later. Pagan Pride Day is special this year. It's the first year my daughter will be attending. She's been to the random gathering but never to something this big. I'm excited.

And of course I still have my writing to look forward to. My muse has left me a bit dry the last few months but she's starting to come back around. Sweeter Dreams seems to be trying to roll along and I've got a few short stories that need attention.

Anyway, time to start rounding up the new paranormal romance releases for the Full Moon Releases.

Love and Peace all!

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